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English Long Sentence Translation Of Social Science Text From The Perspective Of Functional Equivalence Theory

Posted on:2021-03-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2415330647952657Subject:English translation
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Nowadays,retirement has triggered discussions among the general public and has attracted many individuals' attention.As there are many concerns about retirement life,the material during this translation practice is a social science book with the title of Retirement.This book describes a retirement plan,covering all aspects: mental attitudes,finance,health,living arrangements and leisure.Written in a simple,lucid style,the book can offer you a blueprint for the change of your life on retirement from the superficial trimmings of material success to a more fulfilling and satisfying goal.Authentic case studies and striking illustrations give added weight to this well-researched book.The source text contains accurate,terse and lively words and well-knit construction.Nevertheless,when translating,the translator finds out that there are a number of long sentences in the passage.Although they generate many obstacles for the translation,the translator has also learned a lot after managing to translate them in a proper way.For example,the translator finds it hard to organize the sequence of long sentences.However,after making use of specific translation methods and strategies,the translator finds it easier to organize the sentences.As a consequence,in view of the characteristics of the source text and communicative habits of Chinese,the translator puts functional equivalence theory into good use and adopts it as the guidance theory in translation and uses the theory to standardize and guide the whole process of translation.And then through the combination of various translation methods like synchronizing and embedding,the translator has successfully translated and analyzed long sentences.This thesis is divided into five chapters.The first chapter introduces the significance,methods and structure of this thesis.In the second chapter,the translator briefly introduces the source text.In the third chapter,the thesis analyses the process of the translation.The forth chapter clarifies the introduction of long sentences and functional equivalence theory.Chapter five in the report is the case study,whichanalyses how different types of long sentences are translated with different methods from the perspective of the theory.Chapter six is the conclusion that includes the findings and limitations of this translation project.
Keywords/Search Tags:Retirement, Translation Methods, Functional Equivalence Theory, English Long Sentences
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