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Study On Meeting Management Of GuangZhou Municipal Public Security Bureau

Posted on:2015-12-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R B ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330488998941Subject:Public administration
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Meeting is a basic way and effective form for government working departments to do leading job and organize work.And it is also an important means for government working departments to convey important decisions from higher authority,deploy job,make policies,carry out ideological and political education,and promote work.With holding meeting,government and its working departments can effectively allocate social resources,handle social affairs,provide service for the public.Practice has proved that meeting plays an important role during the process in which government and its departments conduct internal management and provide service for the outside public.And such functions are difficult to be replaced by other public administrative tools.However,we also have seen the facts that for a long time especially in recent years,government and its working departments have provoked many problems in their way to manage meetings,resulting government meetings have failed to fulfill their original function and role effectively.Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau as one of the local government working departments,of course,is no exception,its work of meeting management also exist many problems,some of which are even more serious.And such problems have brought bad influence on effectiveness of the public security work and the image of Guangzhou municipal public security bureau and its branches.Therefore how to remove or reduce the bad influence mentioned above becomes a need to study and probe.In this paper,theories on Science of leadership,Economics,science of public management,science of Public Administration,organization behavioristics,secretarial science and so on,are applied as well with the combination of methods on document literature introduction,individual interviews,qualitative and quantitative analysis,historical and logical research,to probe and study the problems from Guangzhou municipal public security bureau meeting management practice.During the study,from both theory and practice aspect,concepts about meeting management are defined,causes for the problems of meeting produced by Guangzhou municipal public security bureau are analyzed,and useful strategies and methods are advised for purpose to improve the meeting management therefore push the meeting of Guangzhou municipal public security bureau can go on a virtuous circle of development track.And due to such positive improvement,service work for the outside public and internal administration for staff members can be promoted.
Keywords/Search Tags:meeting activities, Management Strategies, Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau
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