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A Study On The Media Presentation Of Doctor-patient Conflicts

Posted on:2018-03-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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China is in the economic transition period.It is facing the complex social contradictions and risks,and frequent occurrence of the doctor-patient conflict is the contradiction and the risk of disorderly release of the real metaphor.The media reports to reshape the way to restore the cause of the conflict between doctors and patients,and the results,can play a role in presenting the truth,to ease the contradiction.Therefore,it is of great value to explore how the media can present the conflict between doctors and patients.A Peking University Third Hospital maternal death is typical of conflict events in 2016 to shake the public and patient of the press.The research media can present a reference for the future news media.Based on this,this study,from the perspective of media presentation and framework theory,combined with quantitative and qualitative content analysis methods,in-depth analysis of all the news reports of maternal deaths in the hospital.And it learns from the scholars of other doctors and patients of the incident.It tries to explore the characteristics of the doctor-patient conflicts in our news media,and its problems and optimization recommendations.Research idea is divided into five steps:the first step is literature review,and organizes the doctor-patient conflict reports,media,and the theory of frame of research results.The second step is to study design,including the selected case study and sample,construct the category and the reliability test content.The third step is to statistical analysis,using content analysis,from quantity,report subject,news genre,all news sources,keywords and so on multi-dimensional analysis samples.The fourth step is to summarize research conclusion,according to the results of statistical analysis,combined with previous studies,summarizes the characteristics of the media present doctor-patient conflict in China;Reflection and discussion,the fifth step is to reflect on the present existing problems,and put forward the optimization advice.The study found that there are four characteristics of the doctor-patient conflicts in our news media:the news path follows the hot spots and quickly forgotten;news genre mainly uses news and comments;reports focus on conflict,guide public opinion,knowledge popularization;inclined to authoritative discourse,while ignoring the weak party discourse.And the current report does exist some problems,such as:short-term focus on the report,the lack of follow-up tracking;preferences conflict,and neglect the cause of analysis;communication ratio is small,and lack of depth of the content;Using a single source,biased elite authority;shaping the image of pathos and out of control.At the end of the study,the corresponding optimization suggestions are put forward for the current problems.
Keywords/Search Tags:doctor-patient conflict, framework theory, media presentation, Maternal death, The Peking University Third Hospital
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