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The Right Defense Lawyer Investigation Research

Posted on:2018-08-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Modified has been introduced for more than four years,relevant judicial explanation about the problem of the rules,the revised "criminal procedural law"compared to the old "criminal procedural law" had certain progress,in the very great degree by its defense lawyer's right of investigation is about the own defense,and criminal suspects the entrust a lawyer defense system were modified and improved the defense system of defense lawyers,determine the defense lawyers in the investigation stage can take part in the proceedings,but also give the defense lawyers in the investigation stage of investigation rights,?Expanded some rights enjoyed by the defense lawyers in the investigation stage,the investigation and litigation phase has a great influence,and expand the rights of defense lawyers in the investigation phase,indicates that the defense lawyers in the investigation stage and enter the judicial process is no longer a verbal words.Defense lawyers in the investigation stage and entered the judicial process and shall enjoy the right of certain investigation will greatly enhance the role of lawyers in the judicial process,is a key step to promote judicial advancement,will help the procedural law reform.Compared to the criminal procedure law for the first time took a key step.In this paper,through the study of domestic,and foreign advocates' right system,starting the six of concept,advocates' rights scope,characteristics,significance and related rights,and find out the problems and reasons of Chinese advocates' rights system combined with the advanced system of other countries,to provide feasible suggestions to improve the present our country' s lawyer right of investigation and evidence collect system.If there are deficiencies,please also review the teacher pointed out in time,I will correct it.
Keywords/Search Tags:A defense lawyer, right of collecting evidence, Investigation Stage, Liability waiver
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