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A Study On The Government Function In The Development Of Cross-border E-commerce Trade

Posted on:2018-10-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330518459121Subject:Administrative Management
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The cross-border e-commerce along with the information industry development trend,it had been online transaction to integrate real economy in the world inside.That become a new trend of international trade.The development of the industry scale have driven manufacturing industry,high-tech industry and labor intensive industry development.There are positive effect on the national industrial structure adjustment;excess capacity,transfer of employment;stimulating consumer demand.In the global economy slow down and the international trade in the form of grim background,the cross-border e-commerce trade which attracted the attention of the various are taking effective strategies to promote the development of the industry at home and abroad.To combined with the practical materials,as a case of the Yunnan Province,analyzing which the reason of its market development in terms of government intervention,the limitations of the government role,government intervention form questions.By means of learning from domestic and overseas experience to conduct a comprehensive and in-depth discussion on the function of government in the cross-border e-commerce trade in China.The main contents consisted of five parts.The first part,because of the risks and uncertainties exist in the cross-border trade leaded to market failure.The government should take appropriate measures to intervene,for example the government take macro plan and guidance;promote the process of development;play the role of market supervision and coordination function.The second part.,Yunnan Province as an example to reflect the current situation of the government management of cross-border e-commerce trade.The function of government also has its own limitations,there is also exist the phenomenon of government failure.As an example of Yunnan government'management of cross-border e-commerce trade.The analysis of government management problems,such as the lack of credibility of the government;administrative enforcement lack of ability;public policy is not total.The third part,There are three aspects influenced government managed cross-border e-commerce trade development:inefficiency decision-making;inadequate supply of public goods,service efficiency.According to three problems at present,studying the function of the government and how to take the appropriate strategy.The fourth part,the United States and Singapore Management Mode of cross-border e-commerce are studied,and the Hangzhou municipal government in the management of cross-border e-commerce trade by way of analysis,combined with the economic characteristics of China's market,I draw on the development of the government should guide in the initial stage,the business on the right track after the market promotion mode.The fifth part,in the analysis of the existing cross-border e-commerce business development problems in the government and the management of the status at home and abroad of government management experience in the role of government in the cross-border e-commerce trade.Firstly,the government should make a summary of the change of enterprise management concept,establish a sense of responsibility,the transformation of government functions,the government stressed that the important effect on the development of the industry.Secondly,given the policy of cross-border e-commerce trade more support,including technical innovation investment,encourage the export tax rebate and customs clearance integration policies,create a favorable environment for the development of the whole industry chain.There are about cultivation of talents,should introduce or develop the financial,mutual Network operation and international trade of complex talents.
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