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Research On China's Urbanization From The Perspective Of Marx's Thought Of Urban-rural Relationship

Posted on:2017-03-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X F WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330536462926Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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Urbanization is the only way for China's modernization.Although the urbanization construction has reached the world average in China since 1978,the hidden problems loom large.It has the widening gap between the urban and rural area development,and also the residents income distribution gap is too large in the process of urbanization.And urban and rural relationship imbalance problems hindered the development of urbanization.How to use this thought to guide the transition from traditional urbanization to new urbanization.To solve this problem is not accomplished in an action.Based on the current situation of the relationship between urban and rural in China,dig the essence of Marx's thought,it is of great significance to get rid of the structure and achieve integration of urban and rural.This paper is based on the interpretation of Marxist classics and the understanding of the relevant theory.Then discussion the origination and development,problems and reasons of the urbanization,and the enlightenment on the urbanization of China from Marx's urban-rural relation thought.This paper consists of three parts,the specifics as follows:The article in the first chapter discusses the generation of Marx's urban-rural relation thought.This part examines the historical background of Marx's urban-rural relation thought and the source of its ideas and the development of its trajectory.The second chapter mainly analyzes the problems in the process of urbanization in China.In this chapter,it points out the necessity of the urbanization of China.Then it states the current situation of China's urbanization,and from the thought of Marx's urban-rural relation analyzes the reasons for this situation.The third chapter mainly introduced the practical enlightenment of Marx's thoughts to do the analysis of the relationship between urban and rural areas.From the thought,we can know the connotation of new urbanization construction in China.Then the thought of Marx's urban-rural relation puts some useful advices forward the construction of a new type urbanization in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:Marx, urban-rural relation thought, urbanization, urban-rural opposition, urban-rural integration
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