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Study On Some Legal Issues In China's Securities Market Supervision

Posted on:2018-09-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330536965179Subject:Civil and Commercial Law
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Securities market regulation is a series of effective measures taken by the government and the securities regulatory agencies,which is to realize the steady,healthy and orderly development of the securities market.These measures include legal means,economic methods and administrative measures.Strengthening securities market regulation can ensure that participants in securities market act on the basis of the law and market rules,through blow and punishment for the illegal and illegal behavior,its goal is to maintain fairness,justice and efficient order of securities market,protect the interests of small and medium investors,promote the stabilization of securities financial market and prevent the occurrence of systemic financial crisis.As the securities market started late in our country,legal system construction of securities market is relatively backward and it is not complete,which lacks anticipation for the new problems in the securities market and the effective legal basis in supervision.Legal system is a basic system for the healthy development of securities market and the participants' behavior guide of securities market,Only the perfect legal system can ensure that the participants of securities market act by the rules,the regulator of securities market has the laws to go by and the laws must be strictly enforced and lawbreakers must be prosecuted,besides,in order to maintain high pressure attitude for the illegal behavior of securities market.Therefore,we should improve the legal system as soon as possible,that's to say,we can improve laws and regulations through the legislation and the revision of law.The review and revision of the new securities law should be completed as soon as possible,besides,revise and improve the departmental rules according to the development of the securities market.This paper defines the concept of securities market supervision,emphasizes the objectives and modes of securities market supervision,and points out that there are legal problems in the supervision of securities market and put forward corresponding countermeasures.The article mainly studies through these aspects:Firstly,exploring relatively mature nations and regions' regulatory system in securities market such as Britain,the United States,Germany and Hong Kong of China,found regulation and experience in countries and regions of mature securities market,the experience should be used to improve the supervision of securities market and the construction of legal system.Secondly,summarizing the history and current problems of the supervision of securities market and the construction of legal system,Especially incomplete legal systems and problems in the stock market boom of 2015-2016,pointed out that has incompleteness of stock price manipulation and legal systems of insider trading,securities market services and administrative punishment of securities market supervision system in the current legal system of securities market regulation.Thirdly,discussing complete methods of the legal system of securities market regulation in our country,Points out that the legal system of securities market regulation in our country should be revised and improved on the basis of Securities Law,which includes the legal systems of information disclosure of securities market,stock price manipulation and insider trading,service specification of securities market,delisting and administrative punishment of market supervision.
Keywords/Search Tags:securities market regulation, the legal system, stock price manipulation, insider trading
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