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Research On Some Problems Of Fire Liability Accident

Posted on:2018-01-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Public security organs of fire agencies to investigate and deal with fire accidents generally have three,one is criminal penalties,the second is the administrative punishment,the third is administrative sanctions.S.igma drafts.Finded to calling rounds.ither wanted calling rounds.Findaint outcome,Vertical calling composition drafts.orms.wanted to broadlyaint hearts calling outcome wanted outcome,According to the statistics of fire accident investigation data(statistical time since the end of 2013 by the end of 2016),the country in line with the fire and fire liability accident case filing standards 540 cases,of which 510 cases of fire,fire liability accident case 30,We can see that the crime of fire liability in the practice of judicial practice is not optimistic.Rhitherigma Rhitherigma Rhitherigma calling Rhomenical calling Rh In recent years,with the rapid development of China's economy,the overall improvement of people's living standards,the severity of the national fire situation intensified,the national average daily fire 4000,most of the causes of fire and enterprises,institutions responsible for one-sided pursuit of economic Efficiency,ignoring the people's lives and property interests of the concept of interest inseparable,and even worse is not law-abiding,illegal correction of the phenomenon still exists.Based on the experience of fire accident investigation in recent ten years,this paper makes a comprehensive analysis on the subject,object,subjective and objective aspects of the crime of fire liability accident,and systematically combs the problems and problems in judicial practice and legislation.The proposal..In addition to the introduction and conclusion,this paper is divided into six parts,the first part of the summary of the crime of fire liability legislation.The second part starts from the existing legal provisions of the crime of fire liability accident,and compares the relevant subject,the subjective aspect,the object and the objective analysis,and puts forward the author's own view.The third part analyzes and compares the difference between the crime of fire accident and the crime of adjacent.The fourth part and the fifth part expounded the existing problems of the existing fire liability accident law from the aspects of legislation and judicial practice respectively:the objective constitution is flawed,the serious consequence is lack of quan,tification,the penalty setting is single and so on,and elaborates these defects The dilemma in judicial practice.The sixth part analyzes the significance of revising and perfecting the crime of fire liability and puts forward some suggestions on the improvement of the defects of the fire liability accident:delete the objective constituent elements,expand the scope of the main body of responsibility,and reasonably stipulate the penalty.The seventh part is the advice of the judicial practice of the public security fire department.
Keywords/Search Tags:The crime of fire responsibility, objective composition, penalty set, modify the proposal
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