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Research On Marx's Economic Ethics Thought

Posted on:2019-02-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S M SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330542986549Subject:History of development of Marxism
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This article first expounds the main concepts of economic ethics,and on the basis of this,leads to the formation and development of Marx's economic ethics and its main content.This article is divided into four parts of the study of Marx's economic ethics thought: the first part: introduction.This section mainly introduces the background and significance of this topic,the research status,research ideas and methods,innovation of the structure and so on.The second part: the formation and development of Marx's economic ethics.This part of the first part of the economic ethics of the concept of a few simple collation,then introduced the social era of the era of the era of Marx's economic ethics to provide an objective external conditions,on this basis to carry out the source of Marx's economic ethics thought,after the time as a clue,through the explanation of the economic ethics reflected in Marx's Classics at different times introduces the development process of Marx's economic ethics.The third part: the main content of Marx's economic ethics thought.This part mainly introduces Marx's economic ethics through Marx's ethical analysis of man and person,man and society,human and nature,and the economic ethics of production and the process of production.The fourth part: mainly introduces the theoretical significance and practical significance of Marx's economic ethics and highlights the important role of Marx's economic ethics.Marx's economic ethics not only promoted the progress of philosophy and Social Sciences,but also promoted the development of Marx theory.At the same time,in the rapid development of the economy,Marx's economic ethics thought has played an inspiration to the construction of socialist ecological civilization and the socialist harmonious society.The purpose of this article is to summarize Marx's economic ethics and through the economic ethics of Marx.The concept of the development of the combing and learning to further understand the connotation of Marx's economic ethics.The focus of this study lies in combing the development of Marx's economic ethics and analyzing Marx's differences in different periods.Reflect the thought of economic ethics in the works,describes the main contents of Marx's thoughts of economic ethics,mainly on the economic subject and the ownership of economic ethical analysis reveals Marx's economic ethics thought significance,shows the basic context of Marx's thoughts of economic ethics.This paper makes a systematic study on the development and main contents of Marx's economic ethics.It has been innovating in the theoretical viewpoint and the use of literature.With the progress of the times and the rapid development of the social economy,Its economic ethics problems also tend to be new and complicated,based on the views of other scholars.This article traces back to the reduction of Marx's economic ethics.This article is in the use of literature and data.In addition to the classic works of Marx's doctrine,we also draw on some information about economics,philosophy and ethics.
Keywords/Search Tags:Marx, Economic ethic thoughts, ethics
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