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A New Probe Into The Legal System Of Rural Land Transfer

Posted on:2019-09-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of market economy in our country,the value of land as a scarce resource has become more and more obvious.How to allocate land adequately,rationally and efficiently has always been a hot topic both in theory and practice.Under the backdrop of the state's "rejuvenation of the countryside," how to carry out institutional innovations and breakthroughs and establish a scientific and perfect rural land transfer system are of great realistic significance for improving the value of land resources in rural areas,safeguarding rural collective rights and interests individual interests peasants' rights and significance.At this stage,state-owned land has established a relatively complete system of circulation that can be circulated in an orderly manner.The transfer of rural collective land is still in its infancy,subject to the dual structure of urban and rural areas and other constraints,the rural land transfer has not yet integrated into the socialist market economic system.In addition,due to the current legal system in our country,there are many restrictions on the transfer of rural land.At the same time,the regulations on the transfer of land in rural areas,transfer procedures and the guarantee system are lacking.There are many problems such as illegal occupation of land,invisible circulation and illegal circulation of rural land,increasing land disputes and mass incidents,which have become an important factor affecting the harmonious and stable rural areas.The existence of these contradictions makes the reform of rural land transfer system become the difficulty and focus of China's land system reform.Beginning with the reform of rural land transfer system,we will break the restrictions of urban and rural dual institutions and include the transfer of land into the socialist market economic system.Establishing a standardized,orderly,scientific and perfect legal system of rural land transfer is an urgent issue that needs to be resolved in China's rural land transfer system under the historical background of the new era.Based on the above considerations,this paper takes the rural land transfer as the research object and the rural land transfer legal system as the center to study.Based on the historical evolution of rural land system and the challenges of the times,this article from the theoretical discussion to the investigation and demonstration,from historical development to practice Explore and devote themselves to building a legal system of rural land transfer in line with China's actual conditions so as to provide a reference for the reform of rural land transfer in our country so as to ensure the efficient,scientific and utilization rational of rural resources land and give full play to the value of land in the market economy so as to safeguard Interests of peasants and promotion of rural rejuvenation.
Keywords/Search Tags:rural land, circulation, contracting management right, collective construction land, house site
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