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Research On Civil Nuclear Installations Decommissioning Supervision Legal System Of The United Kingdom

Posted on:2019-04-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R H BaiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330545465968Subject:International Law
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Innovating and upgrading are the laws of nature.It is inevitable that nuclear installations undergo design,construction,operation and decommissioning.With the development of nuclear energy,more and more nuclear installations have reached the operational life expectancy of their design,and the safe decommissioning of nuclear installations has drawn the attention of all countries.The decommissioning of nuclear facilities requires superb processing technologies and substantial financial support.Moreover,strict legal regulations are indispensable.It is a worldwide problem and a key factor for countries in the world to consider continuing to develop and use nuclear energy.For the world's old nuclear power countries and China which is in the booming phase of nuclear power industry,how to ensure the safe and complete decommissioning of nuclear installations is an urgent issue to be solved.Britain,as a nuclear power development country,completed the decommissioning of nuclear power units for the first time in May 2011.The regulatory and practical experience is important references for nuclear installations decommissioning in other countries.This paper analyzes the legal framework and regulatory approach of decommissioning supervision in the United Kingdom by introducing the decommissioning license system,fund management,the consultation method for nuclear waste disposal and the transboundary consultation system of environmental regulatory,evaluate the problems and advantages existing in the decommissioning of nuclear installations in the United Kingdom.China's nuclear power industry started relatively late and is now in the period of vigorous development of nuclear power.It has not yet faced the thorny problem of a large number of nuclear installations waiting for decommissioning.Therefore,China doesn't pay enough attention on decommissioning and doesn't have perfect legislation for decommissioning.This paper introduces the relevant decommissioning system of the United Kingdom and at the same time,by comparing the relevant legislative and regulatory systems of the existing civil nuclear installations decommissioning of China and Britain to analyze the different regulation.Combine the problems and the solutions encountered in the process of decommissioning in the United Kingdom in order to accumulate practical experience in nuclear installations decommissioning in the future.By introducing the advanced systems in the United Kingdom,the paper emphasizes that China should attach importance to the nuclear installations decommissioning.In particular,it should consider the possible impact on other countries and reduce the unnecessary liability,try to look ahead and strive for the early completion of the relevant legislations on nuclear installations decommissioning.
Keywords/Search Tags:Nuclear Installations Decommissioning, License System, Nuclear Waste Disposal, Environmental Regulation
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