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Case Analysis Of The Boundary Between The Crime Of Theft And The Crime Of Fraud

Posted on:2019-07-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The alternation of the times has driven the pace of national rule of law to follow up.Modern society has paid more attention to the integrity and rationality of the legal system than at any other time.The development of the economy has given rise to the advancement of society in all aspects of society.This is also the case in our country's laws.Because it lags behind the characteristics of economic development,each legal worker is required to comply with the changes of the times on the basis of the existing laws and constantly improve the existing laws and regulations so as to achieve the goal of common progress with the society.With the rise of Alipay and WeChat payment methods in the contemporary era,many economic crimes have become increasingly rampant,and their methods have their own merits.The traditional conviction model cannot be satisfied with a variety of criminal forms.Secondly,the boundary between the two crimes in the criminal law is often There are vague areas,leading to criminal justice practice,there are many different views on the judgment of the case,the thesis described in the same between theft and fraud.In the theoretical system of criminal law in our country,Theft weighs heavily on "stealing," and swindling focuses on "delivery".Its essence is obvious,but in practice,It is often difficult to determine whether it is the crime or the other crime because of the various ways of crime.This article aims to conduct an empirical study of the two,focusing on the crime's disciplinary behavior,disciplinary awareness,and the legal effects of delay in possession of criminal law,so as to better distinguish the two to meet the needs of contemporary social development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Theft, Fraud, Disposition awareness, Disposition behavior
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