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Study On The Appraisal System Of The Leading Cadres In Villages And Towns

Posted on:2019-12-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330545491322Subject:Public policy analysis
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With China's economic and social development entering the new normal,various undertakings are developing rapidly and healthfully,and there is an urgent need for a strong leading cadre contingent.The township leadership and leading cadres are the lowest level of the administrative structure of our country.It bears the tasks of reform and development,such as the new development concept,environmental protection,poverty alleviation,Party style and clean government construction and social stability.The work task is heavy and the work pressure is great.It is not only the executive of the higher level department,but also the service for the masses of the grassroots.It plays a connecting role.As an important way and means to improve the comprehensive quality and power of cadres,the Central Committee of the Party attaches great importance to the reform and improvement of the cadre assessment mechanism so as to make the "baton" better play an incentive and guidance role.Therefore,the optimization of the assessment system for the township leading cadres can effectively stimulate the overall vitality of the leading cadres,create a good atmosphere for the enterprise to start a business,and further improve the standard and scientific level of the assessment of the township leading cadres.Nanling county has jurisdiction over 8 townships,the township leadership positions 104.Since 2007,we have persisted in the annual assessment and evaluation mechanism,constantly revised and perfected the annual comprehensive assessment methods for the leading cadres of the science level,and carried out classification and stratified assessment of the primary and secondary posts of the town,in order to improve the evaluation index as a breakthrough,and strive to make the results of the annual work of the leading cadres and the performance of the post responsibility.However,with the continuous deepening of the structural reform of the agricultural supply side and the change in the focus of agricultural and rural work,higher requirements have been put forward for the ability and level of the work of the leading cadres in the villages and towns.The assessment system of the township leading cadres also shows some places to be improved and perfected,and it is urgently needed to be solved.At the same time,the nineteen major reports put forward "the mechanism for improving the assessment and evaluation of cadres",how to better play the role of supervision and supervision,to solve the difficult problems that exist for a long time in the assessment of cadres,to meet higher assessment requirements,and to make the assessment of cadres truly the means of finding cadres and the basis for the selection of the cadres at the present stage,and to strengthen the township leaders at the present stage.The management of leading cadres needs to be studied and solved urgently.First,this paper expounds the background,purpose and significance of the research on the assessment system of the township leading cadres,and sums up the status of the research on the assessment system of the leading cadres abroad and at home.On this basis,the concept and related theories of the assessment of the leading cadres are combed and analyzed,and the current villages and towns in Nanling county are introduced.The basic situation of the cadre assessment system and the status quo of the examination are analyzed,and the problems and reasons in the examination are found out.Secondly,we re construct the evaluation index system of township leaders from the aspects of design principles,composition and weight.Finally,in view of the problems existing in the assessment system of the township leading cadres in Nanling County,through the comparative analysis method,we study the countermeasures and suggestions of improving the assessment system,one is to clear the examination main body;two is to optimize the evaluation index;three is to improve the assessment procedure;and the four is to strengthen the application of the results.
Keywords/Search Tags:Leading cadres in villages and towns, Nanling County, Assessment system, Problems, Countermeasures and suggestions
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