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The Problems And Solutions Of The Current Rural Land Contract System In China

Posted on:2019-07-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Land is the most important resource,and the most scarceproduction factor in one country,and it is a kind of irreplaceable andfundamental production means for agriculture.Agriculture is the basis of national economy.The rural land issue is the key of the land issue in China.Rural land in China mainly consists ofthe "Three Pieces",which are rural contracted land,peasants' homestead and rural collective construction land.In the "Three Pieces",the basic and key one is the contracted land.The key of the rural land system is the rural land contract system.The current rural land contract system in China is mainly based on the rural land contract law implemented in 2003.With the developments of practice,many problems have arisen in land circulation,operation rightprotection and other aspects of the current land contract system.Since the 18th CPC National Congress,the CPC Central Committee,led by General Secretary Xi Jinping,has put forward a series of principles and policies on stabilizing and improving the rural basic operation system,and on deepening the rural collective land systemreform.The Central Committee has put the revision of the land contract law into the economic reformlist.During this critical time about law revision,this paper,starting with the study on the rural land systemhistory,tries to summarize and hackle the rural land system,conducts research and discussion on the problems as well asthe key points,difficulties,and focuses of the land contract system,and focuses on the"Three Rights Separation"system of rural land,protection of land operation right,and land contract right of migrant workers and peasants with urban Hukou,etc.This paper also tries to timely transform practice-examined and effective rural land contract policies and successful experience,hoping to provide reasonable and feasible suggestions to revise and perfect the rural land contract system in China,and to provide a reasonable,and feasible solution to solve all kinds of problemsin the reality of rural land contract.
Keywords/Search Tags:3 Dimensional Rural Issues, Rural Land, Land Contract, Land Operation Rights, Three Rights Separation
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