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The Perfection Of Legal System Of Shareholders' Internet Voting In China

Posted on:2019-10-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330545958955Subject:Economic Law
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The gradual popularization of Internet technology in China has spawned a shareholder network voting system.In 2004,China reviewed and passed the 'Several Regulations on Strengthening the Protection of Public Shareholders' Rights and Interests" and in the "Regulations",the shareholders' network voting was adopted as a new voting method.On May 28,2009,South Korea formally incorporated the shareholder network voting system into the“Korean Commercial Code”.This system was implemented on May 29,2010,but until 2015,its application rate was relatively low.At the end of 2017,South Korea actively launched online voting and electronic proxy books for asset management companies to actively promote the network voting system's activity in the Korean market and achieved first-in-first-out results.However,in China,the shareholder network voting system is still a new thing.China's "Company Law" only stipulates two voting methods for shareholders to vote in person and entrust voting,and does not require shareholders' network voting system.Rules of Shareholders' General Meeting of Listed Companies promulgated by the China Securities Regulatory Commission and Rules for Implementation of Network Voting for Shareholders' General Meetings of Listed Companies such as the Shenzhen and Shanghai Stock Exchanges have played a role in protecting the rights of shareholders and enabling shareholders to vote through network voting.The major role has filled the blank of our company law.However,China' s "Company Law" does not incorporate the voting method of shareholders,online voting,so that the company has no relevant legal system that can be used when voting on the shareholders' network.China has not conducted a systematic and in-depth study of the shareholders'network voting system,and its related literature and works are few.The scope of the study and the literature are only limited within the scope of the relevant regulations of the China Securities Regulatory Commission,and the practical guidance of the company's practical operations is not satisfactory.Although most companies have already begun to use the shareholder network voting system,they actually lack a comprehensive legal system and related supporting mechanisms,which still poses many problems for the company in its practice.It is imminent to fill legal gaps in the shareholders' network voting system.The market urgently needs a set of legal systems that can exert tremendous efficiency value.This article draws on the legislation and practice of the South Korean shareholders' network voting system to legislate on the legislation of our country' s shareholders' network voting system.The current status of practice is analyzed to explore a set of legal systems suitable for the development of China's economy and society and the company's own development to improve China,s legal system of shareholders' network voting...
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