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Research On Judge Professional Ethics

Posted on:2019-10-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In our country's comprehensive advancement of ruling the country according to law,judges can play an extremely important role.The judges use the spirit and provisions of the jurisprudence to judge fairness and justice,and apply the theory to practical life.Therefore,they must have basic professional ethics,which is much higher than the moral requirements of many other professions.However,in real life,there are many cases that show there is still much room for improvement in the current professional ethics of judges.The professional ethics construction system of our judges needs improvement.Although there are specific laws and regulations that stipulate the professional ethics of judges in our country's legal system,the contents involved are incomplete and incomplete,and they have large institutional defects.Mainly reflected in:(1)the status of the judge in the court and the status of the court in the state organs,not completely independent;(2)the security and supervision measures of our judges are not perfect;(3)the management system of the courts and judges in our country is biased For administration.This series of external problems may lead to the formalization of the professional ethics training process for judges.In addition,in other areas,such as the entire judge's education and training process is not perfect,leading to the judge in the most important period of the formation of a good professional ethics quality is not "Mingde",so there is no judge moral consciousness in the concept of self-consciousness,that is,Lack of self-tensioned strings.The lack of professional ethics of judges can have very serious consequences.First,it will cause corruption among judges and even the entire judicial system.Second,it will lower the degree of professionalism of judges.Third,the loss of legal beliefs will indirectly affect Guang Luo people from the judges,and a more serious social crisis will emerge.Although the internal reason for the lack of professional morality of judges is that the judge's own thoughts are lax and the behavior is out of order,the influence of external factors cannot be ignored.For instance,if the institutional mechanisms for exercising judicial power are not perfect,they cannot be restrained and the judicial independence and justice are guaranteed,and the judge's concept is affected.The impact of market economy development.Based on the status quo of professional ethics of judges in mainland China,combined with the professional ethics supervision mechanism of judges in developed countries and Taiwan,the author believes:1.From the stage of education and training,the importance of the professional ethics of judges begins to be solved,and problems that may exist in ideology,organization,discipline,etc.can be solved.2.Establish a sound institutional system,including access system,supervision and punishment system,and rights and interests protection system.3.To establish and improve the court management system,guarantee the improvement of the independence of judges,formulate the code of conduct for the internal relations of judges,and improve the coordination of the relationship between the judges and all aspects of society.4.It is proposed to achieve independence of the judiciary,further improve the management system for judges,and ensure and improve the independence of judges.From the inside to the outside,from the phenomenon to the essence,to find the defects from the causes,and to find the solutions from the defects,this is the writing idea of this paper.
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