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Adjustment Of Power And Responsibility In Reform Of Streamlining Administration And Power Delegation Of Local Government

Posted on:2019-10-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the 18 th CPC National Congress,streamlining administration and instituting decentralization have became the key of new round reconstruction of government institution.As the offensive move of current administrative system reform,it is of great significance to transform government function and improve governability.streamlining administration and instituting decentralization,namely,dialectical combination of “streamline administration” and “institute decentralization”.“Streamline administration”,which refers to cut government affairs,government organization and government staff,lays its importance on reduction and allocation of governmental administration authority;“institute decentralization” means that the central government,provincial governments and other superior governmental departments delegate their power to the lower levels or transform power into right and deliver it to the subordinate governmental department,society and market,also stressing the relocation and allocation of governmental administration authority.Therefore,streamlining administration and instituting decentralization is not only the simply process of delegating and receiving power between governments,but also involving the reallocation of power,resource,responsibility,staff and other aspects among governments of different levels.In fact,it relates to the adjustment of government relations.With the advance of streamlining administration and instituting decentralization,the relational structure between superior and subordinate governments constantly changes and adjusts,resulting in some problems hindering the reform progress,which constrain the further development of reform.Taking the process of delegating and receiving administrative approval right in province,city and county of Province A for example,this essay will analyze the relation adjustment between local superior and subordinate governments during the progress of streamlining administration and instituting decentralization from the view of equivalence theory of responsibility and right.In this essay,the current relation of adjusting power,responsibility,staff andresource between the superior and the subordinate is inharmonious,leading to many problems,such as the incongruous relation of responsibility and right,the deficient resource allocation and unreasonable staff setting among governments.So,it becomes the deep factor which presently constrains the streamlining administration and instituting decentralization.As a result,this essay believes that the equivalent relation of responsibility and right should be the main principle to promote and deepen the reform of streamlining administration and instituting decentralization for local governments,proportionately adjusting the relation of power,responsibility,staff and resource between the superior and the subordinate.Through the further reform of administrative hierarchy system,the reasonable division of governmental duties and the remolding of governmental relations,the consistent power system between the superior and subordinate governments must be established.
Keywords/Search Tags:streamlining administration and instituting decentralization, reform of administrative approval system, relationship of intergovernmental, equivalent between responsibility and right
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