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Administrative Examination And Approval System Reform Since 18th National Congress Of The CPC

Posted on:2019-07-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The reform of administrative examination and approval system is an important measure to promote the construction of service-oriented government on the basis of comprehensively deepening the reform of administrative system and improving the socialist market economy.Since 18th national congress of the CPC,the Party Central Committee with Xi Jinping as the core has taken the reform of administrative and approval system as a breakthrough in the transformation of government functions and all-round deepening reforms,and has focused on streamlining administration,delegating more powers to lower-level governments and society,improving regulation and optimizing services.In the past five years,the number of administrative examinations and approvals of the State Council departments has been reduced by 44%.The approval of non-administrative licenses has been completely terminated.The number of corporate investment projects approved by the central government has been reduced by 90%,and the administrative examination and approval intermediary service items have been reduced by 74%.The occupational qualifications permitting and certification have substantially decreased.The reform of the administrative examination and approval system centered on the simple administration and decentralization of power has effectively promoted the transformation of government functions,greatly stimulating market vitality and social creativity.It also helps deepen the understanding of building a "service-oriented government" and effectively promotes the improvement of local Power list and responsibility list.However,there are still problems in the reforms such as the cancellation and decentralization of approval power,the lack of administrative examination and approval supervision,the low level of administrative examination and approval of the rule of law,and the chaos of reforms in intermediary services.The reasons for the incomplete reform of the administrative examination and approval system are as follows:The power concept of the people and the administrative staff is distorted,the abuses of the traditional administrative system are not eradicated,there are various forms of conflicts of interest in the reform,and the supply and demand of the administrative examination and approval system are unbalanced.Therefore,in order to consolidate the reform results and continue to reform the administrative examination and approval system,it is necessary to clarify the responsibilities of the government to promote the transformation of government functions,improve the administrative examination and approval mechanism to increase the effective institutional supply,expand social participation to enhance the democratization of reforms,and improve supporting measures to strengthen the coordination of reform.
Keywords/Search Tags:Administrative examination and approval, Service-oriented government, Institutional transition
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