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Research On Marx And Engels' Thought Of The Relationship Between Urban And Rural Areas

Posted on:2019-10-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330545985802Subject:Scientific Socialism and the international communist movement
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The severe urban-rural antagonism in capitalist society prompted Marx and Engels to study the relationship between urban and rural areas.On the one hand,they devoted themselves to practice and personally investigated the problem of urban-rural antagonism in capitalist society.On the other hand,they critically absorbed thoughts from some utopian socialists and research results of modern natural sciences.On this basis,they elucidate their urban-rural relationship thoughts.Marx and Engels revealed the evolution of the relationship between urban and rural areas from the unity of productive forces and production relations,and believed that urban-rural relations has undergone a process of separation,opposition,and integration.They explained the origin of urban-rural separation from the perspective of social production,and believed that it is the result of social division of labor.The division of labor between handicrafts and agriculture directly contributes to the separation,while business from handicraft makes it further consolidated.They investigated different urban-rural relations of different periods--the ancient period of the West and the East,the Middle Ages of Europe,and the Capitalism,and gave priority to the issue of urban-rural antagonism in capitalist society and revealed how it is formed,its performance,its causes and consequences.The capitalist mode of production is premised on the plunder of domestic farmers and underdeveloped agricultural countries.Capitalism has intensified the antagonism between urban and rural areas since its birth.Under the influence of capitalism,the process of urbanization has been greatly accelerated,cities have achieved unprecedented development,rural areas have been greatly damaged,and urban-rural relations has been completely changed.The city eventually exceeded the countryside,and the countryside completely succumbed to the rule of the city.Urban-rural antagonism has caused serious consequences for people,land,industrial and agricultural production,resulting in its own elimination by the proletariat and the peasant class.Marx and Engels believe that the antagonism between the city and the country must be eliminated and will be eliminated.From the perspective of social productivity and scientific and technological progress,they fully demonstrated the possibility of realizing the integration of urban and rural areas,and pointed out that urban-rural integration is an inevitable trend.In the end,they also put forward the necessary conditions and basic measures for realizing urban-rural integration.Marx and Engels' thought on urban-rural relations is rich in content,rigorous in logic,profound in depth,materialistic and dialectical,and highly scientific.They interpreted the origin of the separation from the perspective of material productions,and revealed the laws of the evolution from the unification of productive forces and production relations.The production method is used to explain the causes of urban-rural antagonism.They demonstrate the possibility of achieving urban-rural integration from the advance of material productivity.Marx and Engels revealed the objective laws of the development of urban-rural relations.Studying Marx and Engels' thoughts on urban-rural relations can provide theoretical guidance and practical inspiration for the current theory and practice of urban and rural development in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:Urban-rural relations, Urban-rural separation, Urban-rural antagonism, Urban-rural integration, Marx and Engels
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