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A Comparative Study On The Prevention And Control Of School Bullying Between China And America

Posted on:2019-11-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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School bullying refers to the damage behavior which is done by the students or the teachers in school campus.It refers to the behavior that some students or teachers bully the weak or bully the minority.And it always happens multiple times in a short period.It includes both bodily injuries and psychology and spirit injuries.School bullying is not only harmful to the physical and mental health of the victims,but also harms the mental health of the bullies and the social stability and harmony.In recent years in China,with the report and exposure of media,school bullying problem is growing more and more noticeable.And a series of egregious,shocking cases of school bullying catch attention of society.The public also concern about our education.shocking cases of bullying caused the wide attention of society and for the concerns of the education.On the other hand,the research on the problem of school bullying in China started late.And the systematic research and effective prevention and control mechanism have not been formed yet.There will be a long way to go of school bullying project research in our country.The United States is also a country that has the same problem about school bullying.Its research started relatively early.And after nearly fifty years of research and practice,it has formed a relatively complete and mature system of school bullying prevention.In recent years,the incidence of school bullying in the overall a downward trend.Based on these background,this paper mainly analyzes and studies the prevention and control of school bullying in China and America.And it finds that the main problems in our country of school bullying are about the age of criminal responsibility,lack of the related concept and laws,and the punishment of this problem.Then it gives some ways to control school bullying in our country.This paper consists of five parts:First,to introduce the problem of school bullying and analyze the research status of school bullying in China and abroad countries.Second,to summarize the topic of school bullying,including its concept and definition,type,role and harms.Third,to introduce the current trends and situations of school bullying in China,and to summarize the characteristics,causes and the mainly problems of school bullying in our country.Forth,to introduce the present situation of school bullying in America.And in order to provide some feasible suggests for China,to analyze the current relatively effective measures of prevention and control school bullying in America.Last,based on the study and experience of American school bullying research and practice,this paper thinks about the feasible and valuable intervention mechanism of school bullying of the United States in China.Therefore,some suggestions and ideas for solving the problem of school bullying in China are put forward.And they include four aspects which are the individual aspect,school aspect,government aspect,and social aspect.Concretely said,these suggestions and ideas contains that to strengthen the legal awareness and anti-bullying awareness and ability of students and parents,to strengthen and improve the system of school safety management and anti-bullying mechanism,to research the special regulation bullying legislation and punishment mechanism,to strict government law enforcement anf judicial justice,to exert the supervisory role of the society,especially the media,and to pay attention to and supervise the campus bullying and follow-up problems.It is believed that through the continuous research and reflection on the problem of school bullying,with the introduction and practice of anti-bullying measures and mechanisms,a more complete and long-lasting combination of prevention and control will be formed in our country.
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