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Issues Research Of Electronic Evidence Under The Background Of IOT

Posted on:2019-07-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As an important development direction of China's "12th Five-Year plan",Internet of things technology has developed rapidly,enabling human beings to enter the era of"IOE(Internet of Everything)",and thus the development and application of "big data" and "cloud computing" platform.The development of the technology of the IOT has widened the research scope of the investigation discipline,and the investigation technology has changed from "information" to "intelligent".The architecture of the public security Internet of things system makes the intelligence of investigation possible.It can not only extract and screen electronic evidence from the data processing of the network layer based on the related system platform,but also intelligently monitor the detection target in real time and all weather.Three levels of things(the perception layer,network layer,application layer)as a whole system,provides the direction for the construction of public security network architecture,the"electronic evidence" produced by the Internet of things is particularly prominent in the three application levels of the Internet of things technology.The electronic data storage environment is also from the "terminal" to the current "cloud",electronic data storage environment from the terminal to the cloud".The continuous development of electronic evidence storage sites and evidence forms a series of legal norms,the industry standard of electronic forensics,and the pattern of electronic forensics in the new environment.Because the relevant laws and regulations and industry standards in practice,and the collection of electronic evidence in cyber crime currently,such as the law bring shortage,the rapid growth of the electronic data of personal information security,electronic forensics practice and theory research from a serious problem still exist.So the establishment of public security IOT must by the national level of overall planning,reducing barriers agreement between the industry,strengthening infrastructure construction update things perceived source,and improving the electronic evidence legislation in the field of occupation and the establishment of electronic forensics team is the main are of great significance.In this paper,the problems of the electronic evidence in the context of IOT is divided into five parts: the first part of the study mainly from the introduction of networking technology development of basic theory,researching the problem ofintersection on the development of networking technology and investigation;the second part discusses the characteristics and classification of electronic evidence in the current networking background theoretically,and put forward the application vector according to the Internet of the three level,from aspects of the electronic evidence the existence of things classification;the third part mainly expounds the development and difficulties of electronic forensics in the context of the IOT.On the one hand,we introduce the development of electronic evidence forensics technology,the construction of forensic platform for Public Security Internet of things under the background of Internet of things,as well as the status and legal norms of electronic forensics industry at home and abroad.On the other hand,the legal and practical problems of electronic forensics in the current environment are further discussed;the fourth part mainly from the network technology under the background of how to guarantee the perspective of electronic evidence,combined with the third part of the problem,put forward the networking technology construction based forensics platform security,the protection of the networking technology platform of electronic forensics industry the legal norms,under the background of the electronic evidence forensics subject security;the fifth part of the conclusion looks forward to the possible changes brought by the development of the Internet of things technology to the investigation and forensics.
Keywords/Search Tags:Electronic evidence, Internet of things, video detection, intelligent investigation, evidence preservation
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