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Research On The Protection Of Consumers' Right In Cross-border E-commerce

Posted on:2019-05-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Y GaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330548953778Subject:Economic Law
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In recent years,the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce has greatly satisfied the desire and demand of domestic consumers to purchase foreign goods.However,due to the virtual feature of the Internet and the complexity of the cross-border transactions,it brings new challenges to consumers.First,the absence of relevant laws.While the development of cross-border e-commerce is rapid,the relevant laws on consumer protection in cross-border e-commerce in China is time-behind and insufficient.Second,consumers' basic rights are not fully protected,which mainly includes consumers' right to know,right of security and fair trade,etc..Finally,the dispute resolution mechanism is not perfect.In cross-border transactions,online dispute resolution is often the cheapest and most speedy for consumers.However,due to the imperfect online solutions in China,the results are often unsatisfactory.Therefore,in order to continue good development of cross-border e-commerce,the issue of cross-border e-commerce consumer protection is imminent.To resolve the above issues,this paper discusses cross-border e-commerce consumer protection in the following aspects.First of all,this paper expounds the characteristics and main modes of cross-border e-commerce on the basis of the concept of cross-border e-commerce.Clarifying these issues will help us better understand cross-border e-commerce,and it is the logical starting point for this paper.Secondly,the paper discusses the main problems of the protection of consumer rights in cross-border e-commerce.This paper mainly focuses on the infringement to the basic rights of consumers in cross-border e-commerce.From the perspective of consumers' right to know,there are insufficient rules on the business operators'liability of disclosure;consumers' security right and fair trade right are inadequately protected;some business operators apply standard contract and do not support return of goods and refund.Thirdly,based on research on foreign legislation,it provides a certain perspective for the protection of cross-border e-commerce consumers rights in China by drawing on and understanding the mature legal provisions and practical experience of other countries.The final part of this paper put forward suggestions on improving the protection of cross-border e-commerce consumers rights and the healthy and orderly development of the cross-border e-commerce.
Keywords/Search Tags:cross-border e-commerce, the basic rights of consumers, jurisdiction, dispute resolution mechanism
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