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The Study Of The Trump Administration's Asia Pacific Policy

Posted on:2019-10-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In January 2017,Trump was elected the forty-fifth president of the United States and opened a new chapter in US foreign policy.With the global strategy and the changing situation in the Asia Pacific region,the United States national strategy is constantly adjusting,and further exerts influence on the Asia Pacific region by promoting the military forces in the Asia Pacific region and increasing the control of the regional allies,and will stop the peaceful development of China.This paper is divided into five parts.The first part is the introduction of this article.Mainly from the purpose and significance of the topic,the research status and ideas,methods and other aspects,the general situation of the "Asia Pacific rebalance" strategy in Obama period is summarized,and the current situation of Trump's Asia Pacific policy is combed,which lays the foundation for the full text.The second part expounds the background of the Trump administration's Asia Pacific policy.Trump adjusted the strategy of "rebalancing Asia Pacific rebalance" in the period of the Obama period.Under the principle of "American priority",the Paris agreement and the trans Pacific Partnership Agreement were exited,and the implementation of a series of policies resulted in the more complex situation in the Asia Pacific region.The third part analyzes the main contents of the Trump administration's Asia Pacific policy.Since Trump came into power,he has promulgated the "Asia Pacific stability plan",the strategy of promoting the "India Ocean Pacific" strategy and the implementation of the "economic rebalancing" unilateral strategy.Although its Asia Pacific policy has not been formally introduced,the policy of military,security and economic development around the Asia Pacific region has been launched,and its Asia Pacific policy is clearly defined.The fourth part analyzes the characteristics and influence of the Trump administration's Asia Pacific Policy in detail.Trump's Asia Pacific policy adhered to the interests of the United States politically,and further expanded the strength of hegemonism and promoted trade protectionism economically.At the same time,in the implementation of the actual policy,the strategic threat of the great powers is highlighted,the strategic target of anti terrorism is weakened and the support of the traditional allies is strengthened,which has resulted in a comprehensive escalation of the confrontation between China and the United States and intensifying the tension in the region.The fifth part analyzes the trend of the Trump administration's Asia Pacific policy.At present,the overall situation in the Asia Pacific region is conducive to the in-depth development of the policy,as well as the international and domestic constraints that impede the development of the policy.However,Trump's original intention of pursuing the US Asia Pacific dominance will not change.However,as a regional power,China and Russia are taking positive and effective measures to prevent Trump from undermining peace and stability in the Asia Pacific region.
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