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A Study On The Formation And Evolution Of Rural Political Ecology From The Perspective Of Party Building

Posted on:2019-02-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The 19 th Party Congress' s report pointed out that "from now to 2020,it is a decisive period to build a well-off society in an all-round way." to complete this arduous task,good political ecology is required.The pollution of rural political ecology directly damages the interests of the people and the relationship between cadres and the masses.It has affected the people's sense of identity towards the party and the state,and has become a "major cancer" that hinders the promotion of rural governance.As a bridge between the party and the masses,the rural grass-roots party organizations are the leading core of various undertakings in rural areas.Therefore,reconstructing and optimizing the rural political ecology is the proper meaning of strengthening the party building in an all-round way,and strengthening the party building in an all-round way is to create a good political ecology.This paper attempts to study the evolution of rural political ecology from the perspective of grass-roots party building,and then analyzes the main factors that affect the change of rural political ecology.For the rural political ecological sustainable optimization and effective governance of grass-roots society to provide useful reference.Taking village Y of Shanxi Province as an example,taking the building of grass-roots party organization as the visual threshold,this paper collects the rural historical data through field investigation and interview practice.On this basis,this paper attempts to analyze the evolution of political ecology in village Y since the establishment of the Party Organization.It is divided into three historical stages: After the founding of new Chinese in 1978 to the period of socialist building,village Y formed the unified leadership of the Party organization to the rural society and reshaped the political ecology of village Y,but there was potential instability.After the reform and opening up,along with the implementation of the reform of leadership system and villager autonomy,control weakened state of rural village Y,formed by the Secretary of the Party branch as the leading the political ecology.1978 to 2005,the Partybranch secretary of the village of Y by virtue of the ability of individuals to establish the absolute authority,party organization building gradually strengthened,forming a coordinated and orderly political ecology explicit features.In 2005 the Party Secretary for the time node,village Y and the weakening of political party Since the 18 th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has entered a new period of comprehensive and strict administration of the party,the party building in the countryside has gradually standardized the political ecology of the village under the system of comprehensive and strict administration of the party,and the political ecology of the village has obviously improved under the system of comprehensive and strict administration of the party.However,there is still a problem of insufficient internal power.Based on a detailed description of the evolution of political ecology in village Y,this study explains the factors influencing the formation and evolution of political ecology in rural areas from the perspective of party building.This paper holds that: the building of grass-roots party organizations is positively related to the rural political ecology.The policy of the party system is the basic guarantee of rural ecological political formation,strong political ecology shaping force of rural grassroots cadres;changes of elements of the Party branch secretary of the rural political ecology provides internal impetus,the key is shaped main body.The two plastic rural political ecology in different historical periods of political ecological formation in different combinations,different weights,shaping the rural political ecology explicit features are different,the two elements only the policy of the party system and to the Party branch secretary of the leading cadres at the grassroots level with each other,to form a cohesive force,in order to promote the continuous optimization of rural political ecology.
Keywords/Search Tags:Party building, Rural political ecology, Generation and evolution, Party's system and Grass-roots leading cadres
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