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The Study Of School Bullying And Prevention In Secondary School

Posted on:2019-02-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y C MeiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330563456316Subject:Public security
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There has been a crucial school bullying situation among junior and high school students as we are facing today's Chinese booming economy.However,the lacking of professional study and research in this area has led to severity of this issue.In terms of solving this problem,most of social workers,educators,paralegals,and governors have been sunk into a dilemma: ‘The will is there,but not the strength'.School bullying has been developing a heated discussion in the Chinese society.It has become the butterfly effect due to the fact that it also plays a significant role on adolescent's development,even on the security of the whole society.To some degree,campus-bullying situation presents a barometer of how safe and secure the society we live in currently.It exactly indicates the value and the importance of school bullying research and study.The first section of this thesis cooperates Chinese and foreign theories as well as files,which demonstrate a detailed school bullying interpretation of its origin,definition,and categories.The author took a sample school in Qinghai province,and used Peer Nomination method to do structural interview to analyze the character of campus bullying.The second part is to apply Dynamic Theory of Personality,Differential Association Theory,and Labeling Theory,and tried to explain the reason of the origin as well as the great harm to students.The third portion of this article is to look into,and refer into various anti-school-bullying specific projects in different schools in China,and analyze the current prevention policy.The fourth part is to collect and refer foreign successful projects of school bullying,and draw on the experience of other countries.The last but not the least section is trying to refer to other countries' successful experience,and then come up with suitable campus bullying preventions based on the Chinese current school characteristics.A Chinese old saying is ‘good tools are prerequisite to the successful execution of a job.' There will be a modality that procurator organ and school system are collaborated together,and apply SWOT and Psychometrics methods to go through the whole process.Conditional non-prosecution has been achieved good results at many places in China as a legal guarantee procedure for teenagers.Although this policy punishes implementers as a criminal,unlikely go so far to ruin his/her prospect.It comes to realization that the importance of the cooperation of school and family should be clear,and both parties have responsibilities to students.The communication bridge between these two aspects could break school bullying on so many levels.To develop and reform the school security,and to make the most of public security bureau;at the same time,to take professional strength from the society,and let the entire people participate in this situation is a promising way.It is to be hoped to help all people from social circles would be dealt with campus bullying efficiently,and to get into harmonious society through this study.
Keywords/Search Tags:Secondary school, school bullying, prevention and strategy, social handling mechanism, foreign experience
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