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On The Perfection Of Temptation Investigation System In China

Posted on:2018-03-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years,with the progress of science and technology and the continuous application of the Internet,the economy has developed rapidly.At the same time,it also led to some new forms of crime,such as some crime cases with high concealment.There are even transnational crimes and terrorist crimes.This poses a great threat to social order and people's lives and property.In view of this kind of serious illegal cases,the general investigation method is difficult to achieve the detection effect.Temptation investigation must be introduced as a special mode of investigation.In the judicial practice of all countries,temptation investigation has been applied to various major illegal cases as a means of investigation,and achieved good results.In China,the relevant regulations of temptation investigation belong to the initial stage.This paper takes Criminal Procedure Law revised in 2012 as the angle of view,and research on temptation investigation.It is divided into four parts:(1)it expounds the main research background,significance,research status,research contents and methods used in this paper.(2)summary of temptation investigation.It mainly includes the historical evolution,the concept,characteristics,classification,value attribute of temptation investigation,and the significance of regulating the temptation investigation.(3)legislation and development trend of temptation investigation.(4)perfect the conception of temptation investigation system in China.It mainly includes the present situation and problems of temptation investigation system in China,the principle,starting condition,procedure and supervision of temptation investigation.Finally,on the basis of the above analysis,it draws conclusions.This paper analyzes the concept,characteristics,classification,value attribute and the significance of the temptation investigation.Then,it combines the legislation of temptation investigation in Anglo American law countries(such as Britain,the United States,Australia),civil law countries(such as Germany,France,Japan),Hongkong,Macao and Taiwan.All these provide reference for the perfection of the temptation investigation system in China.It also analyzes the current situation of legislation and law enforcement,and put forward views from applicable principles,starting conditions,procedures,supervision and illegal temptation investigation.This paper hopes that this will help to improve the system of temptation investigation in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:temptation investigation, criminal procedure law, legislative status, legal regulation
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