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The Analysis On The Resignation Reasons Of Newly Enrolled Public Servants In The Rural Areas

Posted on:2018-10-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Township government is the lowest level of administrative organs in our country,It is close to the countryside and serves the masses directly.It is the bridge and the link between the party and the government to keep close ties with the masses of the farmers.Township civil servants are the implementers of the party and the country's rural policies and policies,and are the basic human resources guarantee for the normal operation of townships and towns.In recent years,especially since the civil servant law promulgated,the relevant competent department of civil servants in our country to carry out seriously about starting policy,to enroll for the villages and towns government each year a certain number of civil servants,village and township authorities new hire the quality of civil servants have significantly increased,structure of civil servants have markedly improved,the overall quality also get up.Due to the civil servant recruitment employment policies and regulations,management system construction and so on there are still many deficiencies,and most of the villages and towns conditions are tough,treatment of civil servant's political life,work,living environment as a whole are not very desirable,township authorities new hiring civil servants working stability and further improve the overall quality,the villages and towns organ widespread cadre recruit to come,do not leave,bad with many problems,such as part of the new recruit civil servants has left the service by the authorities in five years,serious problems of the departure.Researchers with the aid of human resources management theory,USES the questionnaire survey method and interview method,this nearly five years of villages and towns in S city the influence factors of the new recruit civil servants left deep analysis and research,a comprehensive analysis of the villages and towns new hired civil servants work present situation and main problems of life,and strive to explore new hiring civil servants management under the new situation to strengthen rural basic train of thought,effective Suggestions for promoting the villages and towns government civil servants construction,provide the basis for related research in the field of theoretical innovation...
Keywords/Search Tags:The villages and towns, New hire, Job stability, Resignation factor policy
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