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On The Identification Of The Abuse Of The Dominant Position In The Market By Internet Companies

Posted on:2019-06-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Nowadays,with the popularization of network access devices,the gradual reduction of Internet access fees,the increasing number of Internet users,the government affairs,small business vendors,and small business vendors are also dealing with the Internet.Chinese Internet enterprises have flourished in the past twenty years,deeply affecting all aspects of life.China has dominated the supercomputer rankings overall over the United States.Under the background that the Internet industry has gradually entered oligopoly and capital monopoly,the innovation competition and curbing monopolistic conduct of the Internet not only affect the development of the industry itself,but also relate to the country's economic development strategy.Therefore,it is of great significance to study and prevent the abuse of market dominance by Internet companies,which will further stimulate the vitality of social innovation,maintain the competition order of the industry,maintain public interests and accelerate the development of domestic economy at the rule of law.This article is divided into five parts for discussion:The first part: According to the market competition status and industry characteristics of China's Internet enterprises,we know that the depth of the monopoly of Internet enterprises and the lack of judicial practice in the abuse of market dominance status,lead to the follow-up research.The second part: According to the formation mechanism and expression form of Internet companies' abuse of market dominance,it is necessary to define the abuse of market dominance of Internet companies.The third part: the analysis of the present situation,combined with the hot cases in this field,the lag of the traditional definition method makes the Internet enterprises abusing the dominant position of the market full of challenges.The fourth part: the comparative analysis of foreign judicial practice,which is moderately relaxed in terms of identification,and gradually increases in punishment.It has great inspiration for the scope and intensity of Internet companies' abuse of dominant position in China.The fifth part is the key point of this paper.From the macro and micro perspective,from the directionof value orientation,we can improve the principle of determining the behavior of the abuse of market dominance in the Internet enterprises in China.Finally,we start from the details of the identification,and put forward the feasible suggestions for the determination of the abuse of market dominance in the Internet enterprises in our country.Through the analysis of the above five parts,a clear analysis vision and clear analysis ideas can be formed on the issue of identifying the abuse of market dominance of the Internet industry.It is expected that the identification of this issue in China's judicial practice can be more complete,and it is expected that China the Internet industry has a healthier and more competitive environment.
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