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The Study On The Legal System Of Land Reclamation In China

Posted on:2018-04-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330566471405Subject:Environment and Resources Protection Law
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Land resource is the important natural resources in our country.As the strategic resources in the process of rapid economic development make the conflicts between people who are themselves serious become more tense from the perspective of man-land structure in our country at present,the shortage of land resources,the prominent land quality problems,and the increase of population,the improvement of consumption level.Land reclamation is an important route in covering up resources for land.In order to implement the development concept of innovation,coordination,greenness,openness and sharing,land reclamation activities that cherish and make rational use of every inch of land and aim at improving the ecological environment have becoming the important starting point for land resources remediation.Land reclamation is to carry out to speed up the construction of ecological civilization and the strictest farmland protection system and the economical and intensive use of land system,the important measures to increase the land utilization of social value,economic value,ecological value has important practical significance.First,the article has carried on the definition to the concept of land reclamation,based on the theory basis of reclamation and the study of the nature of land reclamation in China,the analysis of the realistic requirement of land reclamation in our country,this is the fundament to the development of China's legal system of land reclamation.Secondly,the problems existing in land reclamation are studied under the situation of land reclamation in China.Land reclamation is a complex project,land reclamation is designed to make the damaged land restored to the state of the available,and even increase the value of land features,and there is no scientific standard of land reclamation in China,the land reclamation funds source shortage,low degree of marketization,land reclamation of safeguard measures is not sound,the regulation does not reach the designated position,to our country land reclamation's enthusiasm is not high,the legal system is not standard.The land reclamation work in China is difficult to be guaranteed from the system level.According to the problems that exist in the process of land reclamation,to restore the ecological,environmental protection as the goal,to perfect our legal system of land reclamation,starting from the main body,content of land reclamation obligations,draw lessons from foreign experience,"take the essence and discard the dregs",combines the actual conditions of our country national condition,establish and improve the system of land reclamation margin,encourage the diversity of land reclamation mechanism,build system of land reclamation of industrialization policy incentives,the compensation system of land reclamation investment,perfecting the legal system of land reclamation in order to ensure the rational use of land resources and sustainable development.In full consideration of land reclamation and environmental protection,the relationship between the ecological balance,on the basis of based on commenting to coordinate the relationship between the relevant legal system,perfect the legal system of our country's land reclamation method.It is very necessary to guide and standardize the practice of land reclamation in our country,in order to strengthen the management of the legalization of reclamation work,promote the smooth development of land reclamation work in China.
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