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Evaluation Of Youth I-voting Turnout In Government Election

Posted on:2019-03-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:KORETSKYI VLADYSLAVFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330566997364Subject:Public Management
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In young adulthood people have to make many important decisions that influence their whole life,such as deciding on an educational career,finding a job,choosing a partner,starting a family or moving to a new town.There is overwhelming evidence from various countries that electoral turnout among young voters is significantly and substantially lower than in the overall electorate.One of the main problem for young people is the price of voting.My first research question in this work is whether basic data such as Age,Gender,Study Degree and accommodation have any influence on voter turnout beyond youth voters and method of vote.Using it I determine whether these basic variables have any influence on the turnout method o f vote.The second question is about information accessibility.The variables for this questions are,how hard or easy was to find information about when to vote,how to vote,candidates or parties.This helped me determine whether youth voters know enough information about the voting,it's methods and how it impact on turnout.And the last question is about advertisement.Whether election advertisement influence on youth voter's turnout and their method of vote.My basic auditory which ran questionnaire wa s Estonian youth voters who are legal to vote in age between 18-25 years old.The questionnaire had been running by 300 participants.I picked Estonia as it has the most advance and success Internet voting system in the world.My instruments were on-line survey data from which was analyzed by descriptive analysis,Pearson's correlation and linear regression which helped me to determine dependence between variables and their impact on the research questions.As the results from three research questions I ge t only one significant impact on youth voterturnout and method of vote.It is basic information spread about when participants should to vote,how it should be done,information about candidates.Another words,youth voters feel lack of information about the elections.My research opened the additional door to the pool of youth voter and show that Internet voting could be a solution to keep the same level of turnout,even to rise it through the new voter's habit.
Keywords/Search Tags:government election, internet voting, election turnout, youth voter
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