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On Marx And Engels' Urban Thought

Posted on:2019-12-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J M ZangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330569479311Subject:History of development of Marxism
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The purpose of this paper is to study the urban thought of Marx and Engels Systematically,and to explore the important value of urban thought by studying the formation conditions,theoretical sources and basic contents.Obtaining the enlightenment from the content of Marx and Engels' s urban thought,providing a theoretical support for the realization of urban spatial justice and the promotion of urban and rural integration.The main content of this paper is Marx and Engels' s idea of the urban,including not only the historical origin,formation and structure,the development process of the urban,but also the logic of capital in the urban space,injustice performance and reasons of urban space,the antithesis integration process between urban and rural areas.It is made up of three aspects: the first is analyzing the conditions of the formation of urban thought.The formation conditions of urban thought are studied from the era background of the urban thought and the source of the theory.The second is studying the main content of the urban thought.Marx and Engels interpreted the urban thoughts from different levels,interpreted the capital logic of urban space,analyzed the process of urban and rural area antithesis fusion process,criticized the injustice of urban space.The third is the interpretation of the significance of the urban thought from the theory and the reality.For the theory significance,provides a theoretical basis for the urban ecological thoughts and the urban economic thoughts,and provides the direction for the research of the Neo-Marxism School of urban.For the reality significance,Marx and Engels' s urban thoughts provide an idea for the realization of "Urban Space justice",and provide an idea for promoting the integration of urban and rural areas,and provide an idea for the coordinated development of "Beijing,Tianjin and Hebei".This article mainly uses the method of literature research and comparative analysis,carefully summarize and objective analysis of the Marx and Engels urban thought.By comparing the achievements of the western scholars to the research results of Marx and Engels' s urban thought and the relevant papers from domestic scholars,and analysis of the main content and significance of Marx and Engels' s urban thought.There are two innovations in this paper.First is to be aware of the relationship between the nature of capitalism and the urban.Second is to analyze the urban problems of China from the perspective of Marx and Engels' s urban thought,combined with contemporary national conditions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Marx, Engels, thought of urban, Relationship between urban and rural areas, urban and rural integration
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