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Study On The Participation Of Multiple Subjects In Public Security Governance In Urban And Rural Integration Communities

Posted on:2019-12-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330569487222Subject:Public administration
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In recent years,with the development of urban and rural integration,in a big city surrounding Pull point of urban and rural community has become the urban economy,but because of the large population flow,weak infrastructure,the urban and rural community policing management crime rates,serious security situation disrupt the combination of community economic development,urban and rural areas has restricted the urban integration,severely reduces the community residents living happiness,has considerable on people's personal and property damage.At present,the urban and rural areas in China are in the process of social transformation and development,and social management and conflict resolution are at a stage of improvement.As a result,the area is faced with problems such as weak awareness of public security management,single participation,imperfect participation mechanisms,and weak participation capacity.Therefore,it is urgent to expand the participation of external forces and mobilize social forces widely.With the continuous development of China's current community,more and more public sector began to introduce diversified subject to participate in this new mechanism,which is closely related to the residents of security and well-being of the community public security management is no exception.As the smallest unit of society,the importance of the community is self-evident,and the community policing management of the pluralistic subjects is an important foundation of public security management.For a long time,community security management has been regarded as the main duty of public security organs,to control and control,to promote defense.However,due to the increasing complexity of the social situation and the chronic shortage of police,it is increasingly necessary for the community policing management to participate in the pluralistic subjects.This paper takes the case of xuelang community,which is located in one of the urban and rural junction areas of wuxi City,as a case study.Through the investigation and analysis of the local actual situation,combined with the previous theoretical knowledge,the paper deeply analyzes the community's participation in community governance and the implementation of diversity.According to the existing problems,the paper analyzes the actual situation in depth,and makes corresponding solutions to promote the stable development of the community's governance environment.Through the investigation,the main problems that have been obtained in the community are:the lack of enthusiasm for the participation of multiple subjects,the fragmentation of multiple subjects,the lack of community governance and cooperation platforms for urban and rural combined communities,and the lack of institutional safeguards for urban and rural combined communities.These are the main factors affecting the development of the community's governance.From the analysis of these conditions,it can be seen that the main reason for this bad phenomenon is due to the inadequacy of the management process of the society itself and the relevant government departments.There are also factors such as the unreasonable management system,which is caused by the agency.Through the above analysis,it can be seen that there are still great shortcomings in the implementation of diversity in the community.Combined with their own experience and research,the author's related optimization suggestions are:First,adhere to the people-oriented concept;Secondly,community collaborative governance should be strengthened;Third,build a community cooperation platform;In order to give full play to the participation of multiple subjects,multiple subjects can be ruled together.The author chooses the snow wave community in wuxi city,and has conducted a visit and investigation to master the participation status of multiple subjects in the public security management of xuelang community in wuxi city.Combining the theory of public governance theory,the citizen participation and polycentric governance theory,combining theory with practice,the analysis of the current community policing management involved in the problems and reasons,put forward the improvement of the reasonable countermeasures,for the community public security management more effective.
Keywords/Search Tags:rural and urban integration communities, community policing, multiplayer participation
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