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Study Of Japanese Family Dispute Conciliate System

Posted on:2018-04-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As one of the unique characteristics of the judicial system in Japan,Family Dispute Conciliate System changes with the change of modern Japanese society,its development is not smoothly.Before World War II "out of Asia into Europe" has become the target of the development opportunity of Japan,but Japan was buried with the war and there is little significant development.With the help of the United States after World War II,the Japanese finally established the modern Family Dispute Conciliate System,which is full of Japan's own characteristics,it is also the same as today's Japanese society,Western appearance has not changed the traditional character.The main organs of Family dispute conciliate system is the family court,the incident of family dispute conciliate is handled by the family dispute conciliate committee,its members generally have rich family mediation social experience and special mediation skills.And in the family court,there are many experts,the investigating officer and technical officer and other professionals in family affairs,providing professional help to resolve family events.The scope of family dispute conciliate is mainly personnel litigation and class B trial,and other family related events fallback provisions in nature.Mediation Preposition Doctrine is the main principle of family dispute conciliate,but also bring Mediation Preposition Doctrine some problems,such as the waste of judicial resources.Family Dispute Conciliate System has played an important role in the stability and harmony of Japan.There is no shortage of reference,which is worth exploring deeply.
Keywords/Search Tags:Family Court, family dispute conciliate, The process of dispute conciliate, Mediation Preposition Doctrine
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