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Research On The Civil Liability For Certified Public Accountants' False Statement

Posted on:2020-02-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Civil liability for false representation of CPA is the weak link in the legislation of China's CPA legal liability.Audit reports often have a significant and decisive impact on the investment behavior of many investors,auditors should be more prudent and diligent in issuing audit reports for listed companies.In recent years,false statements by auditors have become common,a growing number of investors are taking accounting firms,public companies and sponsors to court,the risk of civil liability of auditors cannot be ignored.This paper discusses the problem that CPA bear the civil compensation liability to the third party because of the false statement in the audit report.This paper mainly unfolds from two aspects:in the problem aspects,this paper analyzes the current status of auditor's civil liability combines with the case,find out the general issue of civil liability for CPA;the second level is countermeasures,from the aspects of perfecting the relevant laws and regulations on the civil liability of certified public accountants,improving the ability of CPA to prevent the risk of civil liability.The purpose of this paper is to promote the steady development of CPA industry and protect the rights and interests of investors.This paper mainly adopts regulating research method and case analysis method,uses auditing and legal knowledge.The paper refers to literatures,laws and regulations,combs the basic theory of CPA's false statement of civil liability,reviews the evolution of the legal system of CPA's civil liability,development stage and basic theory.The paper analyzes the nature,imputation principle,ascertaining and bearing of civil liability of false statement of certified public accountant,and forms the theoretical basis.Then,the paper collects the civil liability of certified public accountants for false statements from 2013 to 2018,analyzes and summarizes the current situation.After that,taking the civil disputes in the false statements of Xintai electric co.,LTD as an example,analyze the false statement,subjective fault determination,causality determination,compensation calculation and apportionment.Finally,on the basis of the overall situation,this paper puts forward relevant suggestions from the two aspects of improving civil liability laws and preventing civil liability risks of certified public accountants.
Keywords/Search Tags:Certified Public Accountant, False Statements, Civil Liability
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