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Research On The Construction Of Intelligent Court Under The Background Of Artificial Intelligence

Posted on:2020-07-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330572478153Subject:Marxist Jurisprudence
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Under the background of comprehensively deepening the reform of the judicial system,our country proposes to build a " intelligent court" based on modern science and technology,such as artificial intelligence,in order to meet the needs of the Department reform,meet the expectations of the people,and realize the sunshine,convenience,openness and high efficiency of the judiciary.Generally speaking,the Intelligent Court is an intelligent,networked and sunny organization,construction,operation and management form of the People's Court,which is embodied in all kinds of judicial artificial intelligence equipment widely used by courts at all levels.In order to promote the practice of the construction of intelligent courts and promote the efficient realization of fairness and justice,this paper attempts to guide people to face up to the role of judicial artificial intelligence,to explore the path of building intelligent courts and deepening the reform of judicial system.In addition to the introduction and conclusion,the article can be divided into four parts.The first part starts with the requirements of judicial system reform and the vigorous development of artificial intelligence,and explains the background of the construction of intelligent court and its unique value in serving the masses of the people,serving judicial management,serving trial execution and serving clean justice.The second part is based on the current situation of intelligent court construction at the national level and all over the country,pointing out the technology outsourcing,algorithm and talents.The influence of reserve and cognitive concept on judicial equality,judicial public trust and independent trial of judges.The third part introduces the judicial application of artificial intelligence in typical countries abroad from the aspect of foreign reference,in order to form beneficial enlightenment to our country.The fourth part focuses on the future development of the intelligent court,and puts forward that it is necessary to improve the understanding of the construction of the intelligent court under the background of artificial intelligence,and promote the integration of artificial intelligence technology innovation and judicial decision-making,trial enforcement and litigation services.Strengthen the rule of law and guarantee the security of talents and information in the construction of intelligent courts.A small step in the application of modern science and technology may be a bigstep forward in judicial civilization and social justice.The article believes that the duties and work targets of the judges under the Wisdom Court have not changed,but the labor tools in the hands have changed."Artificial intelligence" is not only to replace the judge's "human intelligence",but to liberate the judge "smart" to return to trial.Therefore,it is advisable to adopt a "limited intelligence" position for the artificial intelligence judicial application,so that the intervention is limited,the application is moderate,and the assistance is strong.
Keywords/Search Tags:Judicial reform, Artificial intelligence, Intelligent Court, Judicial justice, Trial quality and efficiency
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