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The Study On Engels' Theoretical Contribution To Historical Materialism In His Later Years

Posted on:2020-10-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D X XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330572479575Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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The theory of historical materialism is one of the two discoveries of Marx.This is the discovery of genius value evaluated by Engels.Marx,living in Europe in the 19th century,had great contradictions in the development of society as a whole,but the bourgeoisie blindly maintained its own rule and carried out oppression on the working class.Although the bourgeoisie and the people worked together to overthrow feudal aristocrat rule,the working people who were at the bottom of the society in capitalist society still did not get rid of the fate of being exploited and enslaved.So Marx exposed the essence of the development of capitalist society,put forward the thought of "historical science",and analyzed the unreasonable rule of bourgeoisie.After the death of Marx,Engels analysis and arrangement of Marx economic aspects in his later years,and on the basis of the actual development of the capitalist society,from the production of people and the production of living materials,the two revolutionary theories,the elimination of private ownership and so on,The change of the influence of the economic factors on the social development is highlighted,and the "resultant force" is put forward to promote the scientific perfection of the theory of historical materialism and to improve its guiding role in the development of the society.In combination with the establishment and development of socialist society with Chinese characteristics,we should deeply follow the people-centered development,realize comprehensive development,enhance China strength,and promote Chinese progress on the international stage.Firstly,this paper expounds Marx proposal of "historical science",criticizes bourgeois exploitation,and expounds the relationship among productive forces,production relations,economic base and superstructure.Secondly,it states Engels explanation of historical materialism terms in his later years,combining Marx and Engels classic works to illustrate the concrete expression of "joint force",aiming at the influence of private ownership on the actual social development.It shows that the productive forces should cope with the revolution and the development of their own strength in the development of the productive forces.Focusing on Engels dialectics of nature,this paper narrates the relationship between historical materialism and actual social development entity,expounds the relation between historical materialism and the development of natural science and theoretical science,and highlights the relationship between man own production and social material production.And its effectiveness in social development.Finally,combined with the influence of historical materialism in China,the paper explains that the practice of historical materialism in the process of socialist social development follows the position of "the people are the creators of history" and the basic strategy of "people-centered".Reform and innovation to promote the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Historical materialism, Social development, Basic contradictions, Historical synergy
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