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Research On The Trust System Of Shareholder Voting Rights

Posted on:2020-10-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As an important system of corporate governance,voting trust system can provide a new path for optimizing corporate governance structure.At present,there are not enough ways to exercise voting rights in China to meet the needs of modern corporate governance.Because voting right trust can maximize the interests of multiple parties,protect the legitimate interests of minority shareholders,activate the enthusiasm of minority shareholders to participate in corporate governance,and stabilize the company's control structure,it is of great significance to the corporate governance structure.With the development of China's economy and globalization,the trust system has gradually developed and become more and more applied to the management of companies.At present,equity is not only a symbol of the identity of shareholders,but also a property right to enter more fields and generate greater value.As the integration of trust system and new voting system,voting trust is bound to play an active role in new fields.At present,there are no relevant regulations on voting trust system in China,and the research on voting trust is limited to the structure of the system.Although China does not stipulate the system,voting right trust has been in China for many years,and there are successful cases of state-owned enterprise reform.On the one hand,it provides more choices for the parties to choose the system;on the other hand,it provides new approaches for corporate governance.This paper makes an in-depth theoretical analysis of voting trust from four parts: The first part expounds the basic theory of voting trust.Through the research on the concept,nature,characteristics and functions of voting trust,this paper lays a theoretical foundation for the transplantation system in China.The second part introduces the development and experience of voting trust in other countries and regions.Through the comparative analysis of Anglo-American law system and continental law system countries and regions,draw useful experience to provide reference for our country's system transplantation.The third part,from the perspective of the voting trust transplant the necessity and feasibility of our country,analysis system of voting trust in our roots and solve the problem of how to apply,and urgently needed in the system of our country's current management situation of case study has been used successfully in China,for the transplantation of voting trust true ideas.The fourth part introduces the construction of voting right system.Voting trust enters into more fields through the continuous development of equity and how to use voting trust in new fields.
Keywords/Search Tags:Voting trust, Corporate governance, Control power, The trust property
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