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Under The Background Of Public Service Innovation,the Reform Study Of "Running At Most Once"

Posted on:2020-06-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330572494474Subject:Public management MPA
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“To put the people first” is the basic strategy for upholding and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era set forth in the report of the 19 th national congress of the communist party of China.In recent years,the CPC central committee with comrade xi jinping at its core has adhered to the idea of people-centered development,made bold and bold reforms and made remarkable achievements.In many reforms,"up to run a" captures the current reform comprehensively deepen the reform of the breach,to other areas of reform played a strong lead,demonstration and promotion role,is to create new advantages for institutional strategic fulcrum,get full affirmation of the party and the people,the reform is to promote more and more areas.The prefecture-level city L in the central and western regions of China also actively responded to the call and carried out the reform of "running once at most".However,as this reform is an innovative system,there are still some areas to be explored,and there are still many aspects to be further standardized and improved in terms of operation and implementation.L city "up to run a" exist in the process of the reform process data sharing is not comprehensive,the government system is not efficient,the network needs to be deepened,by using the public service innovation,the government process reengineering,the public data sharing theory,such as Shanghai,zhejiang and other parts of the country and learning advanced experience and the practice,probes into the problems existing in the,perfect the reform measures are put forward.It mainly includes five parts: the first part is the theoretical basis;The second part is the current situation of "run at most once" reform;The third part is the problems in the reform process of "running at most once".The fourth part is the typical domestic practice of "running at most once" reform;The fifth part is to perfect the measures of "running at most once" reform.In this paper,through collecting the L city to push forward the reform of "up to run a" relevant data,using the literature research and empirical research,comparative analysis and other methods,analyzed the L city "up to run a" promote the situation of reform,analyzed the change in the data sharing,process reengineering,system and mechanism,analyzes the problems existing in the network management,etc.And in view of the above problem,respectively from the advance data sharing of resources integration,and to break the "information island",promote the government process reengineering engines,optimization of network management,perfecting the system of government mechanism and so on four aspects put forward the corresponding opinions and Suggestions,in order to run a "most" are better able to deepen the reform,bring more convenience for the people.
Keywords/Search Tags:public service innovation, Government process reengineering, Public data sharing, Run at most once
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