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Study On Grading And Benchmark Land Price Evaluation For Urban Pubic Management-service Land

Posted on:2020-02-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330572496648Subject:Human Geography
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Along with the acceleration of urbanization,the area for urban land using has continued to expand,the proportion of land using for public management-service purpose has shown an increasing trend.In order to make rational use for land resources and encourage social forces to enter public service projects area,local governments are needed to formulate benchmark land prices for public service projects.Grading and benchmark land price evaluation for public management-service land have become urgent.However,in the current land grading regulations,there are no specific policies for methods and technical routes in this issue.Although the current land valuation regulations has stipulated that market comparison approach can be adopted in land valuation,the cost approach and coefficient correction approach of published land price can be used in the absence of cases,these methods are difficult to be implemented in practice.Therefore,this paper has developed the research of grading for public management-service land as well as the discussion for benchmark land price evaluation methods which has practical guiding significance for land grading and benchmark land price evaluation of such land.Based on the analysis of characteristics and functions for public administration and public service land,this paper has analyzed the influencing factors in public management-service land grading from five aspects including: urban infrastructure,traffic conditions,environmental conditions,population status and prosperity.Meanwhile,a factor system suitable for this kind of land grading has been established.In the seeking process for valuation methods,two valuation methods including the combination of digital land price model(DLPM)& Delphi method and the combination of digital land price model(DLPM)& urban land grading results are proposed on the basis of geostatistics theory.On this basis and taking the Nanbu county as example,this paper has conducted an empirical study on the methods of grading & valuation for public management-service service land with results as follows:(1)With the grading factor system set up in this paper,the public management-service land in Nanbu county are divided into four land levels.The first and second level areas have mainly covered the central area of southern counties as well as the new government districts.The third level areas are mainly for cities & towns out of central prosperous areas and urban expansion areas,while the fourth level areas mainly covered the urban marginal interlaced zone and riverside town area.(2)The evaluation results of combined DLPM and urban land grading achievements have shown that the prices for second level land with public management-service in the Nanbu county are quite different which has indicated that the nature of land using for public management-service purpose is different which has led to a great difference in market value.Therefore,the method of combination with DLPM and urban land grading results can reflect the nature differences for this type of land using.(3)Comparing the evaluation results of these two methods,the results have shown that the evaluation results of these two methods are generally similar.The evaluation results from combination with DLPM & Delphi methods are difficult to reflect the difference between nature of public management-service land,but because of simple operation,this method can be applied in small towns with a single type of public management-service land.DLPM combined with urban land grading results can evaluate the price of public management-service land for different purposes to provide an accurate measurement basis for the paid use of such land.
Keywords/Search Tags:Public Management-service Land, Factor System for Land Grading, Benchmark Land Price Evaluation, Digital Land Price Model, Nanbu County
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