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Research On Legal Supervision Of P2P Network Lending Platform In China

Posted on:2019-03-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the continuous development of Internet technology,Internet banking has also been a rapid development,P2P network lending is an important form of Internet banking,Internet technology is the combination of the financial industry and the product.P2P network lending platform in recent years,the rapid development of China's domestic,such as the Internet as a medium and basic financial products,due to the simple procedure,the rate of return by domestic investors sought after.However,the P2P network lending supporting laws and regulations are not yet in a timely manner,the definition of the nature of the platform also produced a lot of differences,lack of supervision,risk problems are constantly emerging.Every new thing will have its positive impact and negative impact,P2P platform in the high income also means high risk.Last year,China's financial market is all of a sudden surge in net credit platform the active,but the industry not only to pay attention to the number of growth,should also be on the quality of the increased attention,so as to ensure the industry embarked on a stable and mature development road.Since 2015,the government has paid more and more attention to the regulation of online lending industry,issued a series of regulatory norms and carried out a series of regulatory actions,accelerated the cleaning of non-conforming P2P platform,and gradually developed to conformity.This paper mainly studies the P2P network lending platform,introduces the various legal risks it may cause,analyses and finds out the existing problems in the legal supervision of the P2P network lending platform in China,and further puts forward suggestions for improving the legal supervision.This article is divided into five parts.The first chapter introduces the basic theoretical knowledge of the P2P network lending platform,including the concept and legal characteristics of the P2P network lending platform,the concept and types of the P2P network lending platform.Chapter 2 summarizes the specific legal risks that may arise from the analysis of P2P network lending platform,including transaction security risks and the risks of suspected crimes,and puts forward the necessity of legal supervision.Chapter 3 introduces the current situation and deficiencies of legal supervision of P2P net loan platform in China.Chapter 4 elaborates the legal supervision system of P2P network lending platform in Britain and the United States,as well as the possible reference for our country.Chapter 5 puts forward relevant suggestions on perfecting the special legislation of P2P network loan and related civil and criminal legislation,improving the relevant supervision mechanism beforehand,in-process and afterwards,perfecting the credit investigation system and perfecting the self-discipline supervision of the industry.
Keywords/Search Tags:P2P network lending platform, operation mode, legal risk, supervision
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