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Research On Optimizing The Police Operation Mechanism Of Public Security Organs In Keshan Branch Of Quzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau

Posted on:2019-10-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:K ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330572958574Subject:Public administration
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The goal of optimizing the police operation mechanism is to improvethe effectiveness of the daily work of the public security.The advanced policeservice mechanism is characterized by standardization,science,intensiveness andhigh efficiency.At present,there are some problems in the police work of KeshanBranch of Quzhou Public Security Bureau,such as unclear definition of police functions,imperfect laws and regulations,unscientific organization setup,backward management means,weak team building and so on.In addition,the grassroots policing work is broad,the task is heavy,and the situation is grim.The quality of grassroots policing is directly related to the administrative effectiveness of the government.Therefore,it is particularly urgent to optimize the policing operation mechanism to improve the efficiency of grassroots policing.At the same time,the improvement of policing operation mechanism is also a demand and way for public security work to move forward in the new era and new situation.Taking the Quzhou KeShan Public Security Bureau as an example,this paper expounds the current our country current policing operation mechanism can't satisfy people's yearning for a better life,and using the related theories of management,combining the reality of policing work,draw lessons from advanced experience,in the perspective of the policemen at the grass-roots level,combined with the actual cases,the problems and reasons existing in current policing operating mechanism are analyzed,so as to put forward the optimization of policing mechanism countermeasures and suggestions: First,clearly define the police function;Second,improve relevant laws and regulations;Third,optimize the police operation organization to improve the efficiency of the current police operations;Fourth,promote the construction of gridded policework,and lay a solid foundation;Fifth,strengthen team building and build a modern,high-quality police force.
Keywords/Search Tags:basic level, police affairs, operating mechanism, optimize, counterplan
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