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On The Third Party Of Motor Vehicles Compulsory Liability Insurance

Posted on:2020-03-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Compulsory liability insurance for motor vehicle traffic accidents is the first compulsory insurance in China.The implementation of the traffic insurance system is to force every owner or manager of a motor vehicle to take out corresponding liability insurance through national laws.The legislative purpose of the system is to ensure that the victims of traffic accidents are compensated and treated in a timely manner.To the greatest extent,it provides the victims of traffic accidents with timely and convenient basic protection.At the same time,it is also conducive to reducing the economic burden of the perpetrators,promoting social harmony and stability,realizing social fairness and justice,and ensuring road traffic safety.Safeguard the basic rights of citizens.Therefore,compared with other insurance,traffic insurance has the characteristics of policy and public welfare.In the traffic insurance system,the definition of the scope of the third party is particularly important,because it determines which victims can get compensation or relief.However,in real life,because the scope of the third party in traffic insurance is unclear,a large number of traffic accidents disputes and the rights and interests of the victims can't be protected frequently,it is necessary for us to clearly define the scope of the third party in traffic insurance.To prevent insurance companies from interpreting the law without authorization because the provisions of the law are not clear,to narrow the scope of the third party in traffic insurance,and at the same time to allow the judicial organs to have operational legal provisions,so as to limit the discretion of judges to the maximum extent.By analyzing the legislative and judicial status quo of the scope of the third party in the system of traffic insurance in China,this paper analyzes the problems existing in the definition of the scope of the third party in the traffic insurance system of our country.By comparing with developed countries and regions on the definition of the scope of the third party in traffic insurance,this paper points out some problems existing in our country.At the same time,some suggestions are put forward to perfect the scope of the third party in our country's traffic insurance.
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