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A Research On The Behavior Of Shenyang Local Governments Irregularity Of Land

Posted on:2018-10-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330572965705Subject:Public Management
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Land resources are the necessary conditions for human production and living,which is an important asset for all mankind.However,with the continuous growth of population and the development of urbanization,there is a certain contradiction between cultivated land protection and urban development.With the rising land prices,some of the interests of the parties involved in the resulting land violations continue to highlight,and to the government as the main land of the most harmful violations of the law.Shenyang City,as the provincial capital of Liaoning Province,carrying the development of the northeast old industrial base of the task,which makes Shenyang being a huge shortage of arable land resources also seriously damaged the credibility of the government,In this paper,the local governments at all levels in Shenyang as the main body of the study,the resulting illegal acts of land as the object of study,through the relevant theory of public management of the land has occurred in the case of an all-round combing,at the same time,Scholars on the local government,the law of land lawmanship of the definition of the concept of government land violations of the concept of accurate qualitative,and then find out the local government land law deep-seated reasons and put forward countermeasures on this basis.It defines the concept of the paper from the aspects of the concept of local government and the law of land illegality,and puts forward the theoretical basis of the theory of sustainable development theory and institutional change theory.three kinds of manifestations of local government land infringement are pointed out in the specific case:the levy of the land acquisition,the lack of preemption,the disguised occupation and the harm caused by the cultivated land resources,the landless peasants and the land market.It analyzes the causes of the illegal acts of local government land in Shenyang from the angle of legislation and interest.This chapter also analyzes the interests of local governments and peasants by constructing the game model.The legal and institutional governance countermeasures against the reasons for the previous improve the criminal law and its judicial and land management law,followed by the gradual completion of fiscal and taxation management reform,improve the official performance appraisal system,standardize and improve the land market,innovation of cultivated land protection system,reform of land transfer system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Local government, Land violation, Law, System, Land acquisition
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