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The Study On The Construction Of The Party Congress Permanent System Of Hainan Province From The Perspective Of Inner-Party Democracy

Posted on:2020-10-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The important way to realize the party members exercise their rights as the masters of the Party is the Party Congress,which is the most basic system design to carry the inner-party democracy,and the deepening of inner-party democracy should proceed from here.In order to maintain the continuity of the party members as the masters of the Party and to maintain the continuity of the role of the Party Congress as the highest organ of power,the Party Congress permanent system must be implemented.The Party Central Committee has promoted the pilot work of the Party Congress permanent system,which has gone through three "ups and downs",and still at the pilot level.The attitude of the party's high-level officials has left us with enough room for speculation.Since Hainan province selected Wanning City and Qiongzhong Li and Miao Autonomous County to try the Party Congress permanent system in 2008,expanded the pilot scope by 2015,and launched the annual meeting system of Party Congress in an all-round way by 2017.In the process of the Party Congress permanent system,some advanced experiences were explored,and at the same time they were caught in some predicaments that could not be found.This article consists of the introduction,the text,the conclusion,etc.As follows:The introduction part mainly includes four aspects:research background,research significance,research summary,research ideas and methods.The first part of the main text mainly expounds the definition and development process of the Party Congress permanent system,and introduces the advanced experience of promoting the Party Congress permanent system in some parts of the country.The second part of the main text,starting from the value of inner-party democracy,expounds the interaction between inner-party democracy and the Party Congress permanent system.The third part of the main text,by using empirical analysis method,through the investigation statistics and the questionnaire design,explores the exploratory process of the Party Congress permanent system of Hainan Province,the changes and characteristics of the structure of Party representatives in cities,counties and towns,the role of Party representatives,the beneficial experience gained and the outstanding problems existing.The fourth part of the main text,mainly from the perspective of "incremental democracy",Puts forward the practical thinking of deepening the Party Congress permanent system of Hainan Province.The concluding part mainly analyses the shortcomings and research prospects of the paper.
Keywords/Search Tags:the Party Congress permanent system, inner-party democracy, incremental democracy
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