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Research On Rural Community Construction Under The Background Of Integration Of Urban And Rural Areas

Posted on:2017-08-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S S LiaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330572972665Subject:Rural and regional development
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The continuous advancement of the construction of rural community in China is not only the inevitable result of the change of social form,but also the inherent requirement of the development of socialist modernization,which is the important content of the integration of urban and rural areas.The planning and implementation of rural community construction in the context of urban-rural integration,to accelerate and promote the integration of urban and rural areas and the effectiveness,is conducive to the popularization and promotion of equal basic public services in urban and rural areas,is conducive to the realization of intensive land use in agriculture,but also conducive to the improvement of rural residents'quality of life and living conditions.With China's relevant policies and measures of village,township and wealth accumulation as well as the rural population for the production and life of the improvement of rural community construction work,more and more local governments at all levels in the country and flourished,has made notable achievements,but also the there are some problems and contradictions.Therefore,in-depth search and analysis of these problems,and try to find out the strategies and measures to solve the problems and contradictions,to rectify the deviation,remove obstacles,is of great significance for the construction of rural communities in our country to promote.The the integration of urban and rural areas as the research background,in Xiangyin County,Hunan Province as an example,respectively for both international and domestic rural community construction experience,Hunan Xiangyin County Rural Community Construction Status and existing problems and promote rural community construction suggestions and Countermeasures of systemic analysis and research.This paper is divided into six parts:Part ?:introduction.This part is mainly to put forward the problem,introduces the research status at home and abroad,as well as the research ideas and research methods.Part ?:the related concepts and theories of the rural community construction and urban and rural integration*.This part mainly elaborates the basic concept of urban and rural integration and rural community construction,the related theories of rural community construction,urban and rural integration and the relationship between rural community construction and urban and rural integration.They are the basis of the research in this paper.Part ?:the current situation and existing problems of rural community construction in Xiangyin County,Hunan province.Taking Xiangyin County as an example,the present situation of the rural community construction,the design and the results of the questionnaire and the problems in the rural community construction in Xiangyin county were described and analyzed respectively.Part ?:the practice experience of international and domestic rural community construction.This paper mainly expounds the basic mode of rural community construction and the common practice,as well as the historical experience of China's rural community construction and the current practical experience,to find problems and provide a basis for solving the problem.Part ?:the countermeasures and suggestions of the rural community construction under the background of the integration of urban and rural areas.It is proposed that should be from the diversified financing channels,the integration of land resources,to promote the employment of landless farmers,improve the level of public services and social security functions,the establishment of strong industry support,construction pattern of diversification,perfect community organization construction,strengthen community culture and talent team construction etc.eight aspects in Xiangyin County to promote rural community development.Part ?:conclusion.The main research results are summarized in this paper.
Keywords/Search Tags:urban and rural integration, rural community, construction
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