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Legal Prevention Of Investment Risk Of Real Estate Project Investors

Posted on:2020-01-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The real estate industry in our country has an important role in the socialist market economy system,to promote social and economic development has played a pivotal role.This industry has helped the government increase fiscal revenue,formed a unique "land finance",and greatly improved the urban living environment and the living conditions of the people.At the same time,real estate projects have become the focus of capital investment projects and are trusted by most investors due to their characteristics of high value preservation,quick realization and easy holding.However,the saturation of the real estate rigid demand market,the macro-control of the government,and the development bottleneck faced by real estate enterprises have led to many problems for investors when they invest in real estate projects,bringing huge risks to investors.These risks,on the one hand,restrict the investment behavior of investors,leading to investors in the real estate project investment "have doubts";On the other hand also caused huge loss to the investment income of investor.From the perspective of the existing real estate investment market,investors generally choose three investment modes and establish two legal relationships with real estate companies.Different investment modes have specific risks,but the causes and roots of risks are the same.Therefore,this paper will be discussed through four parts.The first part through the typical case analysis,the use of the current legal system,in practice level of risk research;The second part will study the basic theory of real estate project investment.Taking the real estate project itself as the entry point,it will analyze the characteristics of the project,refine the types of investors,and clarify the investment forms and characteristics of the real estate project.The third part,from the perspective of investment risks faced by project investors,analyzes the impact of risks on investors by studying different types of risks.The fourth part will set out from two aspects of investment behavior,investment interests,to address specific risks,the use of company law,contract law,security law,property law,the relevant legal system,a set of scientific and reasonable risk prevention measures are put forward,in order to reduce the investor to invest in real estate project risks,spur investors investment desire,protect investors return on investment,promote the sustainable development of real estate industry,maintain the stability of the real estate market.
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