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The System Of Civil Servant's Resignation And Its Improvement In China

Posted on:2019-11-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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After the reform and opening up,China has gone through three civil servants' resignation tides,each with specific historical background and reasons.In recent years,the resignation of civil servants has gradually become a hot issue of public opinion.Especially after the eighteen major,the central government has gradually carr:ied out the work of strict administration of the party,the demands for civil servants are more stringent and the binding force is strengthened,and the resignation of the civil servants,especially the resignation of the leading cadres,is on the rise.In the background of the country's comprehensive deepening of the reform,the resignation has gradually become the main way for civil servants to leave the civil service system,but the author finds that the current system of civil servants'resignation has not been well adapted to the new form and the new environment,and there are many aspects that need to be improved and improved.By analyzing the representative cases of the resignation of civil servants in China in recent years,this paper finds out the existing problems of the resignation of civil servants,such as the lack of effective supervision,the "option" corruption problem,the avoidance of punishment by leading cadres and the lack of resignation audit,and the analysis of these questions from the institutional level.The reason for the problem.At the same time,it analyzes the more mature civil servants' resignation system in four countries of Germany,the United States,the United Kingdom and France,combining with the actual situation in our country and drawing on the relevant mature experience.Finally,from the ideological concept of civil servants,the improvement of the resignation supervision system and the improvement of the resignation guarantee system,the countermeasures and suggestions are put forward,such as the ideological concept,the "people standard" should be replaced by the "official standard" thought,the construction of the administrative ethics,the moral institutionalization,and the supervision of resignation should be perfected.To resign public notice and audit system,standardize the behavior of civil servants after resignation,do a good job of civil servants' resign and follow up the work of returning to visit,and put forward some corresponding suggestions on the unified standard,standard procedure and follow-up management in accordance with the phenomenon of high social concern and resignation.In the aspect of the resignation guarantee system,it mainly from the society.Two suggestions on insurance system and employment guarantee system are put forward.By proposing the above suggestions,we should improve and perfect the system of resignation of civil servants in China,and further standardize the resignation of civil servants in China.At present,there are about 7000000 civil servants in our country.About 10 thousand of the civil servants who resign each year are about 10 thousand,accounting for only 0.1%of the total.The civil service is stable as a whole,and it is difficult to form a new round of "resignation tide".Further standardizing and defining the relevant procedures,requirements,supervision and guarantee of the resignation of civil servants is a guarantee for the smooth operation of the resignation of civil servants,and is also an important part of the state's deepening reform.
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