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Research On The Protection Of Rural Women's Political Participation Rights And Interests Under The Strategy Of Rural Revitalization

Posted on:2020-05-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330575459673Subject:Marxist theory
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Since its founding,the communist party of China has always attached great importance to women's participation in politics.After the founding of new China,many laws,regulations and policies to protect women's rights and interests have been issued to protect women's rights and interests in political participation.Since the reform and opening up,with the rapid development of the economy and the constant progress of democracy and rule of law,laws,regulations and policies related to the protection of rural women's political participation rights and interests have been gradually established and improved.To a certain extent,rural women's political participation rights and interests have been developed,and their enthusiasm for political participation has been constantly improved.However,due to the lack of enforcement in the specific implementation process of the legal system,women's federations and security mechanisms,etc.,and at present,the traditional male chauvinism,"male leads the household while female leads the household",etc.,are still the potential widely accepted social cognition,which makes it difficult for rural women to effectively protect their rights and interests in political participation.The19 th national congress of the communist party of China(CPC)put forward the strategy of rural revitalization,and the no.1 document of the CPC central committee in 2018 clearly put forward the "action of implementing rural revitalization by women",making women the important participants and promoters of rural revitalization.Therefore,promoting and ensuring the participation of rural women in rural governance is also an important part of promoting and realizing rural revitalization.According to the current situation,women are still the largest vulnerable groups in the real society,and the protection of women's rights and interests in political participation is still one of the biggest shortcomings of rural grassroots political construction.At present,domestic scholars mainly focus on the issue of women's political participation.In order for women to truly participate inpolitics,the rights and interests of women's political participation must be guaranteed.Based on the background of "rural revitalization strategy",this paper probes into the dialectical relationship between the protection of rural women's political participation rights and interests and the rural revitalization strategy.It is based on the understanding of the theory of women's political participation by ma enlai and other classical writers and Chinese communists.Through to the shanxi Shanxi Province township Y field visiting survey information,analyzes the local "women's political participation rights safeguard" in the existing problems and reasons,finally aimed at the existing problems and to take the from and to strengthen the construction of legal system,to strengthen the construction of rural women's organizations and improve the mechanism of expression and appeal to women's political participation rights,strengthening the construction of women's own ability,create a good social environment to the five perspective,this paper expounds the countermeasure of rural women's political participation,to for Chinese women's political participation rights safeguard useful contributions to the theory and practice.Safeguarding the rights and interests of rural women in political participation is of great significance to the realization of the "rural revitalization strategy".This paper attempts to discuss the relevant theories and specific research on Y township,hoping to provide some useful reference for other rural areas or regions in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:Rural revitalization, women's political participation, rights and interests protection
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