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The Study On The Secondary Population Migration Of Returned Overseas Chinese

Posted on:2020-12-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The secondary migration of returned overseas Chinese in Pingxiang is a process of remigration from overseas Chinese agricultural and forestry farms to Pingxiang,the hometown of overseas Chinese,under the background of the reform of state-owned enterprises in China.This process is influenced by “push factors”,“pull factors” and “intermediate factors”.The “push factors” include Pingxiang returned overseas Chinese's inadaptability to the farm life,the unemployment crisis caused by the reform of the farm,and the alienation from other groups in the farm.The “pull factors” include Pingxiang's abundant employment opportunities,inclusive and open social atmosphere and connections with the social network of returned overseas Chinese.The “intermediate factors” include the short distance of migration,the government subsidy of 2000 yuan and the consideration of Vietnamese language advantage.The process of secondary migration of returned overseas Chinese in Pingxiang is mainly divided into two stages from 1987 to 1988 and from1989 to the present.With 1988 and 1992 as the two peaks,the transfer of information among returned overseas Chinese and the establishment of migration chain as the modes,present the characteristics of family unit and generation separation,chain structure and extensibility.At the same time,Pingxiang returned overseas Chinese adapted to Pingxiang society well,through embedding,construction and integration strategies.They have higher job satisfaction,better adaptability to daily life and retain refugee memories.In the process of social adaptation,rich social capital and cultural homology in china-vietnam border are favorable conditions for returned overseas Chinese to adapt to Pingxiang society,and the main difficulties in social adaptation are their identity of others,weak individual strength and declining original advantages.
Keywords/Search Tags:Returned overseas Chinese, the secondary migration, The social network
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