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Research On The Optimization Of Business Environment From The Perspective Of New Public Management

Posted on:2020-10-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330575490898Subject:Public Management
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Since the reform and opening up,in order to promote the development of local economy,local governments have vigorously carried out investment attraction.This way of directly attracting projects and funds has indeed achieved great success and promoted the rapid development of local economy.But as time goes on,in today's external economy,politics,culture,society and the environment has changed dramatically,especially in the increasingly fierce competition in the around at the same time,new problems facing the new situation,how to better adapt to the actual demand,attaches great importance to and strengthen the business environment of the construction and optimization,to improve the efficiency of investment promotion and capital introduction,is an important task before us,is also the urgent need of the current market environment.Since the world bank issued its "doing business report" in 2003,doing business has gradually become an important factor in promoting economic and social development,and has been widely recognized around the world.Building a business environment is of great significance in attracting investment,improving government governance,building the government itself,and improving public management and services.The research object of this paper is fengcheng city,jiangxi province.Taking the new public management theory as the guiding theory,this paper holds that the construction of business environment is essentially the behavior of the government and the embodiment of the government's governance ability.Therefore,the reshaping of the "government" advocated by the new public management theory is to reposition the social role of the government and reduce the direct intervention of the government in enterprises.It is not to participate in the whole process,but to create a sound business environment as a qualified manager through good public management.By referring to the five basic ideas of "remolding the government",this paper puts forward some guiding Suggestions for the construction of business environment in fengcheng city,such as "changing the understanding of business environment construction","improving the efficiency of government public service" and "improving the ability to guarantee production factors".In terms of structure arrangement,this paper mainly introduces the research conducted in this paper through the following five parts: the first part is the introduction,which simply introduces the significance and background of the research.The innovation of this paper is that it proposes to shape the best service with rigorousmanagement,and based on the actual situation of fengcheng's business environment,it analyzes its shortcomings and comes up with targeted countermeasures,which has not been studied before;The second part is the theoretical part of this paper,which explain the three concepts of business environment,business environment evaluation index and business environment construction.At the same time,it introduces the new public management theory,and expounds the guiding significance of the new public management theory to optimize the government business environment;The third part is to introduce the basic situation of fengcheng,collect relevant data through questionnaire survey and personal interview,understand the problems existing in the business environment of fengcheng,The causes of this problem are analyzed and discussed;The fourth part proceed from the actual situation and inspiration of optimizing business environment in zhangjiakou,tianjin,shenzhen,Singapore and other advanced regions,and explains with fengcheng;The fifth part puts forward the countermeasures and Suggestions of fengcheng's business environment.
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